Wolfenstein: Youngblood – Dishonored Rune Easter Egg Guide

Praise the Outsider, because there’s an awesome little Dishonored Easter egg hidden in Wolfenstein: Youngblood. It all makes sense — Bethesda doesn’t just publish both titles, Arkane Studios actually helped with the level design in this cooperative spin-off FPS. Arkane are the developers behind Dishonored, known for their expensive levels and their impeccable art direction.

The alternate-reality Paris, taken over by Nazis in the 1980s, looks straight-up incredible. It’s as oppressive as the plague-infested streets of Dunwall, and now you can find an artifact from that city. There’s a hidden rune in one of the apartments, and I’ll explain where to find it in the quick guide below. You’ll need the Dieselkraftwerk gun — doing this little challenge will earn you the ‘Tribute’ secret achievement / trophy. For insane people like me that love this stuff, it’s a worthwhile trinket.

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Dishonored Rune Easter Egg Location | ‘Tribute’ Guide

To find the Dishonored Easter egg, you’ll need to travel to Victory Plaza. Travel to the main street and find the yellow shutter that leads into the interior garage area. Across the street from the shutter is a red cafĂ© — and next to that is a passage into an apartment building.

Go inside the passage and take the stairs up. In the apartment at the top, blast open the Dieselkraftwerk door, and you’ll find two collectibles — a concept art locked chest, and the ‘Dishonored Rune’.

The ‘Dishonored Rune‘ is a unique collectible. It doesn’t count toward your normal collectibles, and unlocks the secret ‘Tribute’ achievement / trophy.

So, what’s the deal? This is a reference to the Dishonored series — in those games, your hero could find arcane objects called Runes. These special chunks of whalebone are used to enhance Corvo’s (or Emily Kaldwin’s) abilities in Dishonored 1 and Dishonored 2. Unfortunately, you don’t get any magical upgrades in this game. The Rune is just a special hidden object, hidden in a mystical rune that looks exactly like the secret shrines to the Outsider hidden throughout both of those games.