Wolfenstein: Youngblood Update Destroys Currency Cheat

The latest installment to the Wolfenstein franchise, Wolfenstein: Youngblood recently launched into the market and there will likely be some bugs and exploits for players to make use of. One of those was the ability to use the Cheat Engine program to make use out of an exploit that allows players to add currency to their game. That may have come in handy for gamers wanting to get a quick leg up during the campaign, but that was recently changed as a new update quickly made the exploit no longer functional.

For those unaware, the Cheat Engine would allow gamers to tweak certain aspects of the title being played such as how much currency is in their inventory. Within Wolfenstein: Youngblood, players were introduced to the in-game currency, Silver and with this currency, players can use it to tweak their weapons. However, you’ll find that the Cheat Engine no longer works after reports started to surface online that Bethesda updated the game.

This wasn’t an update known or expected and it wasn’t fully unveiled but again, reports started to go up online to showcase that Bethesda fixed the exploit. Now gamers are starting to focus on what else, if anything, was changed in the game after this update went live. If you have yet to try the game out then take a look at our Before You Buy episode posted above. Likewise, you can view screenshots for the game in the gallery below.

Source: VG247, Reddit