12 Most Ridiculous Christmas Games To Fill Your Holidays With Cheer

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — the time when eggnog flows like water and cookies are laid out for everyone’s favorite chimney-sneaking midnight visitor! It’s Christmastime, and I can think of no better way to celebrate than to revisit some of the greatest Christmas games ever created.

These are the cream of the crop, the best of the best, and weirdest of the weird — no, not all of these games are strictly Christmas-themed, but they’re all awesome and filled with Santa Claus, decorations, and all the festive stuff we’re all about the last week of every year. If Die Hard counts as a Christmas movie, than the following games (and add-ons) totally fill the holiday bill. Here’s the top 12 best Christmas games ever — in no particular order.

Merry Gear Solid 2: Ghosts of Christmas Past

Created by Arthur Lee, this delightfully Christmas-y send-up of Metal Gear Solid, Saint Nick (Codename: Solid Santa) must sneak around and deliver presents — avoiding annoying children that want to grab their presents early. It’s funny, it’s fun, and you have to play it. The sequel is even sillier than the original, and both are available as free downloads.

Dead Rising 4

Santa Claus delivered an intensely violent present for fans of open-world zombie action in Dead Rising 4. Reporter Frank West returns to Willamette Mall, the site of the original zombie outbreak, to bust open another evil conspiracy — and it’s all set during the Christmas season! The mall features a full Santa Village, so you’ll be able to stick giant candy canes where the undead-sun-don’t-shine.

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