12 Most Ridiculous Christmas Games To Fill Your Holidays With Cheer


Borderlands 2: How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day

Borderlands 2 sends you to Gingerton, a town filled with Christmas magic — and snowmen to shoot. In this pint-sized DLC package, you’ll run around a snowy Santa Village, blasting everything that moves for Pandora’s annual “Mercenary Day” — which is Christmas under a different name. It’s just a tiny portion of the game, clocking in at under 30 minutes, but you can play it all year round.

Sam & Max: Season 2 – Ice Station Santa

Before Telltale Games churned out Walking Dead seasons into oblivion, there were the Sam & Max adventure games. In Season 2, the weirdo duo visit a very surly Santa. And this ‘Bad Santa‘ is the genuine article. He’s packing heat, threatening his elves with machine gun fire, and forcing his workshop to build deadly toys. It’s a nice big lump of coal to help us savor the good times with Ol’ Saint Nick.

That’s all our favorite yuletide games. Here’s hoping you’ll get a few games under your tree this holiday season.