12 Most Ridiculous Christmas Games To Fill Your Holidays With Cheer

Parasite Eve

A very different flavor of Christmas game. This one juxtaposes the jolly atmosphere and joyous lights with a nightmarish survival-horror scenario. You’ll explore a decorated New York, visiting locations like Carnegie Hall and Central Park completely decked-out for the season, while fighting mutant monstrosities that spawn from people’s rebellious mitochondria. The story is nuts, and it’s all set during Christmas so this game qualifies.

The Firemen

This under-appreciated gem of a game is unknown in America for a reason — it only came out Europe and Japan! That’s a shame, because in this top-down action game, you play as a team of Firemen working to stop a skyscraper blaze on Christmas. It’s a delightful little adventure with Zelda-like gameplay in a high-quality SNES package. If you can find it, this one is highly recommended.

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