12 Most Ridiculous Christmas Games To Fill Your Holidays With Cheer


The GROW games are adorable diversions everyone on the internet has played — if you haven’t, you can access the full catalogue of GROW games on the official site here. There’s a Christmas version! It is cute, quirky, and a perfect game to play while waiting for Santa Claus to come. In this version, you tool around with a Christmas tree, trying to make the perfect place for presents. Fully level everything up, and you’ll earn a visit from the big man himself.

Play GROW ORNAMENT for free here!

The Die Hard Trilogy

You can’t have an awesome Christmas list without talking about Die Hard, the original Christmas movie that isn’t a Christmas movie at all. Both Die Hard 1 and Die Hard 2 are set around the holidays, and they’re full of familarious seasonal songs, snow, and killer gun-battles.

The PS1 Die Hard Trilogy throws you into the action, re-enacting moments from the movies, and it’s a worthwhile little game to play by a roaring fire, soaking up all that polygonal nostalgia.

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