10 Best (& Weirdest) Secret Unlockable Weapons Of 2019

In 2019, there’s still plenty of free content you can unlock in video games. DLC and loot boxes haven’t totally stripped our favorite games of awesome secrets — if anything, there’s more to find than ever, and here we’re celebrating all the best, weirdest, and most wonderful unlockable weapons and unlockable weapon upgrades of 2019.

We’ve already listed all the best new weapons of 2019, but this is something different — you can’t just find the following weapons. You’ll need to work to make these weapons a reality. You’ll to solve puzzles, unlock Easter eggs, beat missions, or just explore thoroughly — and these hidden guns are totally worth finding. Here are our 10 favorites of 2019.

The Homing Briefcase [Hitman 2]

The incredible Homing Briefcase is an all-new 2019 addition to Hitman 2 — jumping from unofficial hilarious feature to a true weapon of assassination. Unlockable in the Haven Island mission, the Homing Briefcase is a ridiculous weapon you can throw that slowly tracks down targets. It spins rapidly, homing in like a briefcase-sized batarang until knocking out your target. It literally can’t miss, and it’s one of the weirdest weapons in the entire game.

The Fish-On-A-Stick [Gears 5]

Found in the very first level, the ludicrous Fish-On-A-Stick weapon is an early Easter egg in Gears 5, continuing a long tradition of hilariously weird weapons. The Fish-On-A-Stick doesn’t really do anything special — it’s just a weird version of the Breaker Mace.

Learn how to get the Fish-On-A-Stick with our full guide here! There are also Relic Weapons you can unlock that give special functionality to old guns — some crummy guns become unstoppable in their Relic variants. We’ve got a lengthy guide explaining where to find all of those too.

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