Gears 5: Where To Find All 17 Relic Weapons | Locations Guide

Relic Weapons are hidden, souped-up versions of your standard arsenal in Gears 5 — and only the most eagle-eyed players will find any of them on their own. Unlike the plentiful collectibles and components, there are only 17 Relic Weapons to find in the campaign, and all of them are hidden around the massive open-world maps in Act 2 and Act 3.

These Relic Weapons aren’t just improved versions. Each one has a unique function that changes how the original weapon works — the Gnasher fires slugs instead of pellets, the Hammerburst fires in increasingly long bursts, and the Overkill becomes an fully automatic insta-gibber. Each weapon is unique, so check out the locations and functions below to pick out your favorites.

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Where To Find All 17 Relic Weapons | Locations Guide

Relic Weapons are powerful variants of your standard arsenal — they’re more powerful, and they have a unique skin. Check the locations below to find them all in the campaign. For getting all the relic weapons, you’ll earn the ‘Relics of the Past‘ achievement.

Enforcer Relic: Act 2: Chapter 2 – Right near the entrance to the massive open-world area, when you reach the locked first gate, stop at the cliffs and look left. There’s a skull marker to the left in the trees — that’s where you’ll find the first hard-to-spot Relic Weapon.

  • The Enforcer Relic has a lower rate-of-fire but does increased damage with each shot.

Longshot Relic: Act 2: Chapter 2 – When travelling north from your first objective in Chapter 2 (the old COG wall) you’ll spot a red wooden building on the right. You can’t miss it when travelling to the northern portion of the Chapter 2 map. Go up to the boat house to collect it.

  • The Longshot Relic gives you a second free shot when you perform a Perfect Reload.

Retro Lancer Relic: Act 2: Chapter 4 – Going through the old COG wall to the eastern section of the open world map, look to your left — before you reach a frozen pond on your map. Look left for a red skull on a large rock outcropping — it’ll guide you to the hidden Retro Lancer, leaning against a tree.

  • The Retro Lancer Relic has explosive rounds that will air-burst even if you miss.

Torque Bow Relic: Act 2: Chapter 4 – When entering the rusted gates that lead to the Abandoned Mine side-objective, go up an optional path to your right. Up the path, between to large rocks, you’ll find the Torque Bow.

  • The Torque Bow Relic has a faster draw speed, but the arrows do not explode.

Boltok Relic: Act 2: Chapter 4 – Just left of the Condor Crash Site in the center-east side of the map — the one that’s locked inside a glacier. Look for a red skull on the ice cliff.

  • The Boltok Relic has better handling all-around and fires faster from the hip.

Boomshot Relic: Act 2: Chapter 4 – In the northern section of the map, enter the path leading to the North Comm Tower objective. Go right to find the Tower Substation — next to the substation, there are two big square things. Look between them to get the Boomshot.

  • The Boomshot Relic carries 3 shots per magazine.

Dropshot Relic: Act 2: Chapter 4 – Go to the far northeastern corner of the map — there’s a block glacier in the northeast. Look on the east wall of the glacier for a small snowy path that leads to the gun. Find it directly east of the northern Old Derrick Site.

  • The Dropshot Relic freezes enemies with a cryo blast instead of exploding.

Gnasher Relic: Act 3: Chapter 1/3 – On the edge of the map, north of the Water Tower / Cosmonaut Training Facility, you’ll find this Relic just resting against the cliff wall. Look for the red skull marker to find it.

  • The Gnasher Relic fires a single powerful slug that’s more accurate than the pellets.

Talon Relic: Act 3: Chapter 1/3 – Near the Abandoned Airport where you start, just as you exit to the Skiff, look right for three large Hangars. The Talon Relic is just on edge of Hangar 1, to your right when you exit the Abandoned Airport.

  • The Talon Relic fires much faster and does more damage after a Perfect Reload.

Claw Relic: Act 3: Chapter 1/3 – North of the City Ruins, you’ll find a series of small domed structures and bridge. On one of these domes, you’ll find a red skull marker with the Claw Relic nearby.

  • The Claw Relic has better handling and is more accurate on the wind-up.

Snub Relic: Act 3: Chapter 1/3 – Follow the northern edge of the map east from the Rocket Hangar entrance. On the green / white techno walls, you’ll eventually spot a red skull marking this relic’s location.

  • The Snub Relic fires twice per shot.

Markza Relic: Act 3: Chapter 1/3 – At the Pump Station side-objective, look on the cliffs past the ruined cars, opposite the entrance. There’s a red skull marker with the Markza Relic nearby.

  • The Markza Relic can fire in full-auto.

Lancer GL Relic: Act 3: Chapter 1/3 – Travel to the tunnel that leads to the Cosmonaut Training Facility. Opposite the winding tunnels, on the other side there are cliffs held up with pillars. The weapon is on one of these lower pillars.

  • The Lancer GL Relic launches the grenade directly forward, instead of air-bursting.

Hammerburst Relic: Act 3: Chapter 1/3 – Near the City Ruins side-objective, just east, there’s a small structure with an open gate and three submerged archways. Enter through the gate to spot the red skull and pulse the area to find the relic weapon.

  • The Hammerburst Relic fires in longer bursts with each trigger pull when aiming.

Overkill Relic: Act 3: Chapter 1/3 – Found on a big ugly rock, directly north of the Bridge Control Station objective.

  • The Overkill Relic is fully automatic.

Lancer Relic: Act 3: Chapter 3 – Just outside the Cargo Shipwreck side-objective, look at the back of the ship itself to spot the skull marker where this weapon is hidden.

  • The Lancer Relic can stun enemies with a standard melee attack, making them vulnerable to the chainsaw.

Embar Relic: Act 3: Chapter 3 – Near the Condor Crash Site in the far southeast corner of the map, close to the Turntable objective, find this weapon near the wrecked tail of the airplane. It’s a little ways away from the crash site proper, but easy to spot.

  • The Embar Relic has a longer charge but does more damage per shot.