Gears 5: Crush Your Enemies With The Fish-On-A-Stick Easter Egg Weapon

The Gears of War series is an endless engine of Easter eggs — and players have already uncovered one of the first Easter eggs in the game. This is no normal Easter egg; it’s a special weapon you can use to smash your way through a corridor of monsters. Say hello to the Fish-On-A-Stick, a unique Breaker Mace the Gears can earn in the very first Chapter.

Gears 5 changes the formula — opening up the singleplayer experience with massive explorable levels and adding even more PVP and PVE modes for players to bloodily blast through. And naturally, there are going to be even more Easter eggs. We’re on the lookout, so keep your eye on Gameranx as we dig up even more secrets.

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Crush Your Enemies With The Fish-On-A-Stick Easter Egg Weapon

To unlock your own Fish-On-A-Stick Easter Egg weapon, you just need to reach the watery exhaust passage early in Act 1: Chapter 1. After your first second battle against the Hive, the Gears will split up and you’ll open a hatch.

Dropping down, you’ll encounter swarms of deadly critters ahead. Before activating them, you can get yourself a Breaker Mace with a unique skin — it looks like a cooked fish on a stick. Right when you land in the water, in the dark path, look up to find four valves on pipes.

Shoot each valve. When you shoot the valve, smoke will appear. Shoot all four, and a heavenly glow will appear above — a hearty ‘Easter egg!’ sound will ring, and the Fish-On-A-Stick will lower down.

Now you can grab it and start slaughtering! It might look special, but it works just like a regular Breaker Mace. It’ll break after using it too much, but you can splatter multiple grubs with a single swing.

This is just the start of our Easter egg hunt. Check back soon for even more Easter eggs, collectibles, secrets, and everything else we can do for Gears 5.