Gears 5: All Collectibles Locations | ‘It’s Not Hoarding If Your Stuff Is Cool’ Guide

Become a hoarder extraordinaire in Gears 5 with our complete list of a collectibles. There are 90 hidden collectibles spread throughout Act 1-4, and finding them all will net you the ‘It’s Not Hoarding If Your Stuff Is Cool’ achievement. If you’re aiming for completion, or just want to fully immerse yourself in the Gears 5 world, check out the long list of locations below.

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All Collectibles Locations | ‘It’s Not Hoarding If Your Stuff Is Cool’ Guide

There are 90 collectibles total in Gears 5. Some chapters feature collectibles that can be found in any order — you’ll also find components and unique weapons. We’ll cover those in separate guides.

Find all 90 collectibles to ear the ‘It’s Not Hoarding If Your Stuff Is Cool‘ achievement.

Collectibles Guide – Table of Contents

Act 1: Chapter 1

Collectible #1: Right at the start, go right and cross the water. There’s a pair of glasses on the rocks to the right of the waterfall.

Collectible #2: Moving up the hill right at the start of the chapter, go left down an optional path instead of going all the way up.

Collectible #3: Grab this poster in the bathroom, right after walking through the open area where you learn how to collect with IRIS.

Collectible #4: After unlocking the door to the underground facility, enter the room marked “INFIRMARY” and you’ll find the Cog Tag on the bodies.

Collectible #5: To the left of the “INFIRMARY”, go up the stairs and then turn left. You’ll find a path that leads far into the office building — when you reach an office, there’s a collectible on the desk.

Collectible #6: After clearing out the enemies from a yellow-tinted combat area, go to the upper-right entrance to a door that leads into a storage room. Go up to the console in the back to find a collectible.

Collectible #7: In the same room, your robot buddy IRIS will unlock the door. In the meeting room with the white boards straight ahead, you’ll find another collectible.

Act 1: Chapter 2

Collectible #8: Once you gain control in the room with the holographic orb, don’t miss the collectible on the desk with the computers.

Collectible #9: From the stairs, go to the right of the desk to find a white document on the pile of supplies.

Collectible #10: Go up the steps to find a collectible blueprint on the crates to the left.

Collectible #11: At the gym with the robot, there’s a hard-to-see white paper hanging from the marble wall.

Collectible #12: In the same gym area, exit to the hallway and go through the doors to the entrance lobby. Look on the bench for a brochure.

Act 1: Chapter 3

Collectible #13: Right at the start, look straight ahead for a corpse on the ground. Collect his cog tags off the floor.

Collectible #14: In the next room, look in the back-right corner to find a collectible magazine on the desk.

Collectible #15: When you reach another helicopter crash, destroying the wall, climb the stairs up to another office. At the top of the steps, turn left and check the desk in the corner for a report.

Collectible #16: Through a ruined hallway, you’ll enter a room filled with refugees. Don’t leave through the window — go to the room to the left to find a note on the table.

Collectible #17: Down the wartorn street, look on the right for a two-story building with brown wood pillar. Go to the top of the stairs, and look in the back-right corner. There’s an open shelf — stand on it and look down to spot the star medal. One of the toughest to find in the game.

Collectible #18: Passing through the airplane crash site, look on the left-hand side as you pass through a doorway to spot some cog tags.

Collectible #19: On the road with the flashing neon guitar sign, go to the back-right and enter the book store. On the back of the center display there’s a book you can collect.

Act 1: Chapter 4

Collectible #20: As you enter the grand hotel gates, go down the stairs to the garage entrance. Climb into the loading area and look left for a memo on a table, past some boxes.

Collectible #21: Entering through the door that leads into a pitch-black room that needs to be lit by IRIS, look on the ground. There are two dead bodies — one has a cog tag.

Collectible #22: Entering the bright yellow-lit atrium of the hotel, go straight ahead past a dolly to find a plush doll.

Collectible #23: In the same room, go up the stairs and look to the right of the barricade. Don’t crawl under it — just grab the pamphlet on the cloth-covered table.

Collectible #24: Going through the back rooms of a theater, turn left to enter a dressing room. Go left into an optional room with a lyric sheet on the table.

Collectible #25: Entering the backstage area proper, look left of the table surrounded by chairs to the bright make-up mirrors. There’s a collectible on the table with the bust.

Collectible #26: In the stage area where you’ll need to move the curtains, run to the far back-right corner to find the last collectible.