Gears 5: All Collectibles Locations | ‘It’s Not Hoarding If Your Stuff Is Cool’ Guide

Collectibles Guide – Table of Contents

Act 2: Chapter 1

Collectible #1: From the balcony where you start, go down the stairs and go right. There’s a flute on the table.

Collectible #2: Down on the ground floor, cross the snowy area. On the way to the objective, a kid will yell at you and run away. Ahead, grab the collectible next to the burning furnace.

Collectible #3: At the huge bone piece in the town center, check the red flowers in the corner past it. There’s a helmet here you can collect.

Collectible #4: At the next area past the security gate, you’ll encounter a boy in a quick scene. Follow him down the road to the left. There’s a toy gun on the concrete block on the building corner.

Collectible #5: From the previous collectible, go towards the furnace but look left. There’s a Salvage Shop — go inside to find a poster on the table to the left.

Collectible #6: At the horse stable, go through the door and you’ll see a rule letter posted to the wall on your left.

Collectible #7: After experiencing a strange hallucination, enter a building (don’t go downstairs) with blue crates and a table in the center. There’s a collectible note on the table.

Collectible #8: At the bottom of the village, you’ll reach a gate leading into an area with water called the steam farm. Go past it and look for a letter on the crates nearby.

Collectible #9: After a massive firefight in the town begins, fight up to a Silverback repair bay. You can actually use the machine — but don’t miss the schematic on the workbench.

Collectible #10: Entering a dark room lit by Jack, look on a table against the wall, next to a red cabinet straight ahead, right of the yellow door.

Act 2: Chapter 2

Collectible #11: Outside the large security gates that you’ll unlock in Chapter 4, look southwest for a pile of ruined trucks. There’s a body in the snow with a collectible earring.

Collectible #12: In the open-world section, go checkout the Train Tunnel side-quest. Down the tunnel, defeat the Hive and enter the train from behind to find a note.

Collectible #13: From the tunnel, follow the train tracks to a ruined blue-painted train car. There’s a photograph collectible inside.

Collectible #14: While close to the main objective “New Hope”, in the northeast corner of the map, find the ‘Lost Outsiders’ side-objective on the right marked with a yellow flag. Enter the camp ground to locate a collectible journal.

Act 2: Chapter 3

Collectible #15: In the frozen lobby, go to the back-right to find a collectible on the desk. Grab it before breaking through the door.

Collectible #16: Drop down into a dark area, and enter the hallway on your right. Go through the cell block and look for a locked door with a keypad. Point your reticule to get IRIS to unlock the cell. The collectible is inside.

Collectible #17: Continue down the hall from the previous collectible. In the room with corpse cabinets, stick to the left to find a collectible between the surgery tables.

Collectible #18: Enter the room with children’s drawings on the wall. Hop through the broken window. The collectible is on a table, straight ahead and to the left.

Collectible #19: When you enter a hallway that begins with a short drop, look on your right for an open doorway. There’s a patient on a table in the center — find the note next to the body.

Collectible #20: After sliding down some stairs, you’ll be in a misty basement with server banks. Turn right and look at the right side wall as you enter the hallway. There’s a data drive.

Act 2: Chapter 4

Collectible #21: North of the mines, in the east-center of the map, there’s a tank frozen in ice on a cliffside. Climb up to grab this collectible from the old ammo crates.

Collectible #22: Starting with the ‘Abandoned Mine’ objective, go south and fight through enemies until you arrive just outside the busted mine entrance. To the left, there’s a tower you can climb into with a collectible.

Collectible #23: Entering a room with a series of lockers, look inside the room on your right. There’s a storage room here — as you enter, look on the interior wall to the right for a poster hanging from the wall.

Collectible #24: In the cavern digging area, there are optional rooms to the left. Go inside the small room to find a journal on the table.

Collectible #25: Travel to the ‘East Tower Substation’ objective on your map. Inside the old abandoned building, go to the back room to find this note in a corner.

Collectible #26: Still in the east part of the map, drive up to the abandoned assault derrick located south of the North Comm Tower.. Look for the large side-objective flag. Near the entrance, there’s a skeletal body, to the left of the flag, with a locust tag.

Collectible #27: Enter the side-objective area described above, defeat the enemies, then collect the objective in the wrecked Locust skiff. Completing the side-objective will give you the collectible.

Collectible #28: There’s another abandoned derrick to the east of the previous one, in the northeast. Enter the glacier and look to the right as you encounter old wrecks. There’s a skeleton with Locust orders.

Collectible #29: Complete the side-objective to once again earn the collectible reward at the end.

Collectible #30: On the way to the North Comms Tower objective, stop at the fork in the road near the flag marker. Go right at the fork to find the North Tower Substation — there’s a collectible to the right of the doors.

Act 2: Chapter 5

Collectible #31: When you reach a high security entrance door straight ahead, turn around and go back through the ice passage. Go right and down the slope. You’ll need to backtrack after the cutscene.

Collectible #32: In the spooky lab filled with green tubes, follow the ramps in the back-right to a door. Kick it open, and then go to the back of the lab to find a report.

Collectible #33: Following a cutscene, you’ll regain control right next to a spooky stasis tube. There’s a collectible on the ground, directly to your right.

Collectible #34: Passing through an icey room, you’ll need to power a generator to get through. There’s a collectible right next to the generator.

Collectible #35: Going through more rooms with ice bursts while chasing the Doctor robot, you’ll need to smash through a block of ice to enter the chilled room. Stim and grab the analysis report from the desk.

Collectible #36: In the same room, unlock the windows to reveal the main area and a door will unlock behind you. Enter through the door, and look left to find a sketchbook collectible on the floor.