Gears 5: All Collectibles Locations | ‘It’s Not Hoarding If Your Stuff Is Cool’ Guide


Collectibles Guide – Table of Contents

Act 3: Chapter 1

Collectible #1: At the start, look on the bartop to grab this newspaper.

Collectible #2: Go downstairs from the first collectible, then cross to the opposite side of the large room. In the baggage claim area, look directly right as you pass a pile of wooden crates.

Collectible #3: Pass through the old security checkpoint. Near the exit doors on your left, continue into the optional room straight ahead. Grab the missive in the back-left corner.

Collectible #4: Go outside to a large military camp. Slightly left, there’s a table with a note pinned to the surface with a knife.

Collectible #5: Go to the landing strip and enter Hangar 4. There’s a collectible to the left of the chopper nose.

Collectible #6: Go to the Water Tower objective, and enter the room at the far end. Inside the room where you’ll find an ally, look on the right side.

Collectible #7: Next, travel to the City Ruins objective. Fight until Jack welds open a door — going inside, you’ll find a collectible on the desk up the stairs. This is your objective, so you can’t miss it.

Collectible #8: In the same area, the City Ruins, you’ll leave the room with the objective item. Opposite the entrance / exit double doors, there’s a wall with a hanging flag collectible you can grab.

Act 3: Chapter 2

Collectible #9: In the dark control room, go to the right side and look for a body resting against a sandbag barricade. There’s a collectible here.

Collectible #10: In the large area with multiple levels and lots of red sand, don’t ride the platform out — instead, go down to the bottom level and look in the corner beneath the objective. There’s a note on a barrel, near several computer terminals.

Collectible #11: Reaching a sandy room with bent rickety pillars, clear the area and go to the back-right where there’s a staircase. Vault over cover and go up the stairs to an office with a note.

Collectible #12: Enter a massive chamber with the rocket hanging from a crane on your left, vault over the sandbag barricade in the corner of the platform to find orders.

Collectible #13: After crawling through a ruined wall, you’ll enter a massive room that’s flooded with red sand and wreckage straight ahead, run to the buried tank and collect the note from the dead body.

Collectible #14: Going down a dark set of stairs, you’ll turn left through a ruined wall and find a large table. Grab the speech off this table.

Collectible #15: Exiting the Rocket Hangar and look to the right of the giant ruined wall. There’s a dead UIR soldier with a tag.

Collectible #16: Continuing on, you’ll exit the rocket facility and travel to a large train hub station. After the first combat encounter, you’ll pull open a door with your team and find this tag at the back of the room.

Act 3: Chapter 3

Collectible #17: Go to the Cargo Shipwreck side-objective, located further east of the Artillery Battery. Drop into a combat area with red sand fog, and stick to the wall on your right. It leads to an open container with a collectible inside.

Collectible #18: Like the other side-objectives, there’s an AI circuit board you can collect to complete the area.

Collectible #19: Go to the Artillery Battery side-objective, locating southeast from the large bridge. Break into the main building and you’ll find the AI circuit on the desk. Impossible to miss if you complete this objective.

Collectible #20: In the same control room, don’t miss the telegram orders on the console in the back-left.

Collectible #21: Travel south from the Ship Harbor to find a collectible of ruined tanks in the sand. There’s a corpse sticking out of one of the backs of the tanks with a collectible.

Collectible #22: Your primary objective is located at the Cosmonaut Training Facility. To the right of the wrecked entrance, there’s a fragment collectible on the ground, near the concrete wall.

Collectible #23: Reach the massive centrifuge room, and the machine will blast open a new path. Enter this path, and don’t miss the collectible on the left — opposite from your objective.

Collectible #24: When your main objective is to reach the Nomad Convoy, enter the convoy wreckage and immediately turn right. There’s a collectible next to the overturned vehicle.