Gears 5: Condor Crash Site Locations | ‘Pennies From Heaven’ Guide

To get the ‘Pennies From Heaven’ achievement, you just need to scavenge the rewards from all three Condor Crash Sites in Act 2 and Act 3. These Condor Crashes are mostly available in Act 2: Chapter 4, and Act 3: Chapter 3 — that’s when you’ll have full, free reign over the open-world maps. There’s a lot to explore, and only one of the Condors is actually tricky to find, but they’re all worth scavenging.

Why? Because the Condors always contain Ultimate Upgrades for your Jack Skills. In Gears 5, Jack gains a variety of special skills you can unlock — either Support or Combat. You can order Jack to give you a health Stim, turn you invisible, flash enemies, drop a shock trap, and more. By finding these Condors, you can unlock the most powerful upgrades for these skills.

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Condor Crash Site Locations | ‘Pennies From Heaven’ Guide

There are three Condor Crash Sites — each one is a simple side-objective. You just need to explore the area, and then unlock the safe in the fuselage with Jack. Hack the safe, and collect the gear inside. Get all three to earn the ‘Pennies From Heaven‘ achievement.

Crash Site #1: Act 2: Chapter 4 – This Crash Site is located in the center of the eastern map, right in the middle of the frozen lake. Search for the giant flag marker around a lonely glacier.

  • Ultimate Upgrade: Marked For Death – Attacks against pulsed enemies deal 20% more damage.

Crash Site #2: Act 2: Chapter 4 – In the far northeast corner of the map, along the northern edge of the map and east from the North Comm Tower objective, you’ll find the flag marking this crash site.

  • Ultimate Upgrade: Brawler – Melee attack damage is tripled while Stimmed.

Crash Site #3: Act 3: Chapter 3 – The final crash site is located in the far southeastern corner of the map, near the Train Turntable main objective. It’s easy to miss — go back under the train bridge and brave the storms to reach it. You’ll only find 5 components here.