10 Best Secret Levels, Bonus Characters & Unlockable Costumes Of 2019

Unlockables are making a comeback in 2019, and now we’re exploring everything else you can earn in gaming — everything that isn’t a gun! We’ve already taken a look at the best unlockable weapons of 2019, now we’re looking at the many modes, levels, characters, and costumes. There’s a lot of stuff to find, and it’s all wonderfully weird in some unique way.

The best part? It’s all free, and we’ve got links to our full guides explaining how to access these weird items and Easter eggs beneath each entry. There’s some good stuff to find — shiny gold suits, secret retro levels, hidden commanders, and unlockable space tyrants. My personal favorite is spoiled above: Tofu and his crew of tofu friends in the ‘Tofu Survivor’ mode.

Sounds weird? I’ll explain everything below.

Playable Thanos [Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3]

2019 is the year of Thanos, so the best possible unlockable of the year is an obvious choice. Thanos is a playable character in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, and actually unlocking him is a herculean task that requires beating all of the Black Order in a single fight. Seeing as each member of the Black Order is tough enough to take on four Avengers, that’s a tall order — good thing the big purple man with the weird chin is worth all the effort.

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Tofu & Friends [Resident Evil 2]

With baited breath, every classic Resident Evil fan hoped and prayed for Tofu’s return in the Resident Evil 2 remake. And we were not disappointed — the weirdest secret bonus mode ever makes a comeback, and it’s a truly insane experience. After beating the story, you’ll unlock Umbrella soldier Hunk’s mini-mode, where you’ll have to escape the zombie-infested police station with minimal resources.

If you can somehow beat this extremely challenging mode, you’ll unlock Tofu Mode, where you’ll play as a giant block of tofu armed with a load of knives and healing items. Beating Tofu’s run unlocks even more Tofu characters, each one with different voice and gimmick weapons. It’s awesome, and a worthy return for Capcom’s unsung foodstuff hero.

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