10 Best Secret Levels, Bonus Characters & Unlockable Costumes Of 2019

Grand Slam Secret Level [Ion Fury]

One of the most ridiculously difficult secrets to solve in recent memory, the retro FPS Ion Fury includes a secret level that can only be accessed by inputting a code through a piano. Just getting the proper notes requires you to track down more secret rooms, find the notes, then combine them into a secret code — so if you’re not familiar with piano sheet music, this is a tough one.

Even trying to explain how to input the code is tricky on our Ion Fury secret level guide.

Secret Monastery Room [Fire Emblem: Three Houses]

There’s nothing better than discovering a secret that’s been sitting under your nose the entire time. Throughout the lengthy Fire Emblem: Three Houses campaign, you spend most of your time at a monastery-turned-academy where officers are trained in the arts of war.

After finishing the story and starting a new game, you’ll be able to unlock a hidden chamber below with a map of the world and other useful goodies — like a powerful spell. It adds a new function to the world too; an amiibo scanner! If you have any Fire Emblem amiibos, that’s where you can finally use them.

Uncover the secret room and bonus spell in Fire Emblem: Three Houses with our guide here.

Get more secret levels, characters and costumes as we list even more awesome unlockables of 2019.