Fire Emblem: Three Houses | How To Access A Secret Monastery Room & Unlock A Powerful Spell

There aren’t too many secrets left to uncover in Fire Emblem: Three Houses after you finish the story — the plotlines are resolved and character conflicts completed, but you might want to give New Game+ a try. There’s more in NG+ than just a chance to change your decisions and play through different story routes. Along with all the extra features you unlock, you’ll also get a chance to explore a totally hidden chamber in the Monastery.

It’s all related to NG+ and the Amiibo System. Amiibos aren’t as important as they once were to Nintendo franchises, but if you’re an avid collector, there’s something special waiting for you in the underground basement. You can encounter the goddess Sothis and find a special future map — and I’ll explain everything you need to unlock it below.

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How To Access A Secret Monastery Room & Unlock A Powerful Spell

To access a hidden room in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and unlock a bonus spell, you’ll need to fulfill these requirements:

  • Complete the story and begin NG+.
  • Own a Fire Emblem Amiibo.

Once the story is complete, start NG+ then navigate to the Amiibo Scanner function in the Monastery. It’s a big green orb — when you interact with it, you’ll be able to scan Amiibo to earn rewards.

The best possible reward comes when you scan an Amiibo related to Fire Emblem in NG+. A secret chamber will unlock, where you can find Sothis and a strange map. Talking to Sothis will unlock a spell for Byleth that they can use once per battle that gives them a +7 Resistance buff.

Fire Emblem amiibo are pretty rare, but there are more of them floating around than you might think. Any of the following Amiibo will work: Marth, Ike, Alm, Tiki, Celica, Robin, Lucina, Roy, Corrin (Male), Corrin (Female), and Chrom.

Each of the Fire Emblem amiibo also unlocks another bonus — new songs! Each amiibo will unlock a classic battle theme from previous games that you can swap to. That’s another pretty cool bonus for fans of the series to explore.