Fire Emblem: Three Houses – How To Unlock Every Class | All Class Requirements List

Classes are the lifeblood of Fire Emblem: Three Houses — and you’ll constantly work toward unlocking unique new jobs as you teach your students and complete battles. It isn’t always entirely obvious how exactly you’ll need to unlock every class, so we’ve put together a list explaining all the requirements. Seriously, there are a lot of jobs here. In a playthrough, it’s possible to unlock forty or more classes.

Classes are the ‘Jobs’ of Fire Emblem, and things have slightly changed here. Instead of simply using Seals to upgrade your units, classes have specific thresholds you need to hit. By using weapons and training in the classroom, you can upgrade your skills. Once you’ve become good enough at certain skills, you’ll unlock additional classes — to actually unlock them, you need to complete exams.

The best part? Once a class is unlocked, you can reclass at any time. Selecting higher level classes is always better, making the new system simplified for newcomers, while still having some complexity. If you want to pre-plan your army, check out the full list of class requirements below.

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How To Unlock Every Class | All Class Requirements List

There are three basic requirements for each class — you need to be a certain level, have a certain type of seal, and certain skills available to help your characters pass the certification exams.

There are lots and lots of classes, and if you’re stumped on how to unlock a class, or what to jump straight into your favorite classes, check the full list of character classes below.

Starter Classes

  • Commoner: No requirements. Starting class.
  • Dancer: Only one allowed. Send a character to the White Heron Cup to earn the Dancer Seal / Student Only
  • Noble: No requirements. Starting class.

Beginner Classes – Lvl. 5+ Required

  • Fighter: Axe (D), Bow (D), Brawl (D)
  • Monk: Reason (D), Faith (D)
  • Myrmidon: Sword (D)
  • Soldier: Lance (D)

Intermediate Classes – Lvl. 10+ Required + Intermediate Seal Required

  • Archer: Bow (C)
  • Armored Knight: Axe (C)
  • Brawler: Brawl (C) / Male Only
  • Brigand: Axe (C)
  • Cavalier: Lance (C)
  • Dark Mage: Reason (C) / Male Only
  • Lord: Sword (D), Authority (C) / Edelgard, Dmitri or Claude Only
  • Mage: Reason (C)
  • Mercenary: Sword (C)
  • Pegasus Knight: Lance (C), Flying (D) / Female Only
  • Priest: Faith (C)
  • Thief: Sword (C)

Advanced Classes – Lvl. 20+ Required

  • Armored Lord: Edelgard Only
  • Assassin: Sword (B), Bow (C)
  • Bishop: Faith (A)
  • Dark Bishop: Reason (A) / Male Only / Dark Mage Certification Required
  • Fortress Knight: Axe (A), Heavy Armor (B)
  • Grappler: Brawl (A) / Male Only
  • Hero: Sword (B), Axe (C) / Male Only
  • High Lord: Dmitri Only
  • Paladin: Lance (B), Riding (B)
  • Sniper: Bow (A)
  • Swordmaster: Sword (A)
  • Warlock: Reason (A)
  • Warrior: Axe (A)
  • Wyvern Rider: Axe (B), Flying (C)
  • Wyvern Master: Claude only

Master Classes – Lvl. 30+ Required + Master Seal Required

  • Archbishop: Rhea Only
  • Barbossa: Claude Only
  • Bow Knight: Lance (C), Bow (A), Riding (A)
  • Dark Knight: Lance (C), Reason (B+), Riding (A)
  • Enlightened One: Byleth Only
  • Emperor: Edelgard Only
  • Falcon Knight: Sword (C), Lance (A), Flying (B+) / Female Only
  • Great Knight: Axe (B+), Heavy Armor (A), Riding (B+)
  • Great Lord: Dmitri Only
  • Gremory: Reason (A), Faith (A) / Female Only
  • Holy Knight: Lance (C), Faith (B+)
  • Mortal Savant: Sword (A), Reason (B+)
  • War Master: Axe (A), Brawl (A) / Male Only
  • Wyvern Lord: Lance (C), Axe (A), Flying (A)