Fire Emblem: Three Houses – How To Get ‘S’ Support | All Romance Options Guide

S-Support Relationships have changed in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Focus has shifted to the main character of the game — called Byleth by default — and their personal relationships. Unfortunately, that means you won’t be able to pair other characters. Only one character can develop an S-Support Relationship, and that’s Byleth.

There are still plenty of romantic options you can explore. LGBT love interests return in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, but they’re unfortunately very limited this time around — maybe even more so than before. If you’re worried and want to make sure you can develop a strong relationship with your favorite character, check the full list of romance options below for all the details. I’ll also explain exactly how to romance in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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How To Get ‘S’ Support | All Romance Options Guide

To start a romantic relationship in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you have to bond with specific characters. To bond, just talk to them every chance you get — interact often, talk to them during battle, fight with them, and complete activities in the Monastery with them.

The more you interact, the higher your Support Rank will be. Everyone starts at C-Support, but only a select few can reach S-Support.

Only Byleth, the main character, can develop S-Rank relationships. That means there are no children characters you can unlock in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

S-Rank relationships can only be developed after a certain milestone in the game. We won’t reveal it here, but you’ll know it when it happens.

House Leaders (Edelgard, Claude, and Dmitri) can only be romanced if you join their house. They each have their own preferences, so check out the complete list of romance options below.

Female Byleth Romance Options

  • Black Eagle House
    • Caspar (Male)
    • Dorothea (Female) – Same-Sex Romance Option
    • Edelgard (Female) – Same-Sex Romance Option
    • Ferdinand (Male)
    • Linhardt (Male)
  • Blue Lion House
    • Ashe (Male)
    • Dedue (Male)
    • Felix (Male)
    • Mercedes (Female) – Same-Sex Romance Option
    • Sylvain (Male)
  • Golden Deer House
    • Claude (Male)
    • Ignatz (Male)
    • Lorenz (Male)
    • Raphael (Male)
  • Neutral Characters
    • Alois (Male)
    • Cyril (Male)
    • Hanneman (Male)
    • Rhea (Female) – Same-Sex Romance Option
    • Seteth (Male)
    • Sothis (Female) – Same-Sex Romance Option

Male Byleth Romance Options

  • Black Eagle House
    • Bernadette (Female)
    • Dorothea (Female)
    • Edelgard (Female)
    • Linhardt (Male) – Same-Sex Romance Option
    • Petra (Female)
  • Blue Lion House
    • Annette (Female)
    • Ingrid (Female)
    • Mercedes (Female)
  • Golden Deer House
    • Hilda (Female)
    • Leonie (Female)
    • Lysithea (Female)
    • Marianne (Female)
  • Neutral Characters
    • Alois (Male) – Same-Sex Romance Option
    • Flayn (Female)
    • Manuela (Female)
    • Rhea (Female)
    • Sothis (Female)