10 Best Secret Levels, Bonus Characters & Unlockable Costumes Of 2019

Conan’s Otter Hood Easter Egg [Death Stranding]

Death Stranding is no stranger to weirdness, but this strange little secret marks the perfect balance between weird and wonderful. Near the massive waterfalls in the central region of the game, you’ll be able to find a celebrity Conan O’Brien cameo, where he plays an otter-obsessed doctor. For visiting, you’ll unlock a otter-hood, which totally changes your hero’s swimming technique. Instead of losing control in strong water, you’ll be able to float and carefully steer yourself — just like an otter!

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Golden Suit [Control]

The best Easter egg unlockable in the game doesn’t really do anything, but it looks awesome, and getting it is one of the most rewarding secrets in the game. In the Research Sector, you’ll find a room that’s dedicated to studying the effects of luck — and if you read the notes in the room carefully, you can perfectly calibrate your luck to win a game of roulette. For solving this optional mystery, you’ll unlock a very garish golden suit.

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