10 Best Video Game Guns Of 2019

In the endless video game arms race, only the weirdest and most wonderfully unique weapons can float to the top of the 2019 pile, and there are a ton of very interesting, completely off-the-wall weapons to explore in 2019. I’ve played a whole lot of games this year, and I’m here to share my personal picks for the 10 best video game guns of the year — and there are some awesomely ridiculous tools-of-destruction here.

I couldn’t even fit every bizarre weapon on my list. The Blood Gun from Death Standing literally blasts enemies with a blob of our hero Sam Porter’s blood — I could create an entire list of weapons from that game alone, including grenades made from his various bodily fluids. 2019 is overstuffed with amazing arsenals, so here’s the cream of the crop — from gravity-launching darts, to super-suction vacuums, to guns that shoot guns — here are my favorite weapons of 2019.

Double Kalina Ann (Devil May Cry 5)

Totally secret and completely ridiculous, the Double Kalina Ann delivers explosive-destruction to the demonic denizens of DMC5 unlike any other weapon on this list. The Kalina Ann is a returning fan-favorite Rocket Launcher from Devil May Cry 3, and now you can grab two — yes, guns akimbo bazookas. They also pack a huge close-range wallop, turning a fun returning weapon into one of the most ludicrous weapons of the year.

Learn how to find the Double Kalina Ann with our guide here.

Grav-Dart Launcher (Rage 2)

The most unique weapon in Rage 2, the Grav-Dart Launcher is a joy to use (and abuse) thanks to its very unique functionality — instead of doing damage directly, you shoot little darts onto enemies, then use secondary fire to launch their rag-dolling body wildly. The darts are like strapping mini-rocket engines onto your foes, and watching them splatter into the geometry is a hoot.

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