Rage 2: Where To Find Every Weapon | All Ark Weapon Locations [Video]

Saving the post-apocalyptic world of Rage 2, you’ll need more than your basic starting weapons. Almost every single gun is optional, and if you want to unlock them all, you’ll need to find unique locations called Arks. These arks are fairly random, and finding them isn’t that easy — especially early in the game.

It’s possible to rush to these locations and start unlocking the best weapons, so we’re going to show you where to go, and what to do to clear these areas. You’ll miss out on the best weapons in the game if you don’t rush and get these ASAP; there are hyper-accurate rifles, heat-spewing laser cannons, rocket launchers, and gravity-switching SMGs. The revolver that shoots incendiary bullets that you ignite with the snap of your fingers is pretty choice, too.

The gravity-gun is my favorite of the bunch, letting you plaster enemies with gravity darts — tap the secondary fire trigger to direct the gravity darts, launching your target violently into the wall, into explosives, or into nearby enemies. It’s extremely powerful, especially against armored enemies. It’s also a beautiful showcase of this game’s wacky physics engine.

If you follow the storyline, you’ll only get three guns total — the pistol, assault rifle, and shotgun. These weapons are pretty great, especially the shotgun, but the game gets better the more weapons you unlock. Once a weapon is added to your arsenal, you can access it at any time from the weapon wheel. If you rush through the story, you’re missing out.

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