Rage 2: How To Unlock Cheats | Complete Cheat Codes List

Rage 2 isn’t just a colorful, completely ridiculous action-FPS — it’s also a game with a wizard named Mangoo the Unborn. If you’re looking for something extra silly to spice-up your open-world adventuring in Rage 2, unlocking a few cheat codes is a pretty good start. There are some totally insane choices here, giving you access to wacky narrators, raining explosives, and one-shot kills on every single enemy.

And these aren’t DLC, microtransactions, or bonus extras. They’re in-game options you can toggle on / off, and they’re also totally broken. Some of these cheats turn the game into a total breeze — the ‘Git Gud’ achievement literally makes your hero (or heroine) way too good at the game. You’ll slaughter enemies and get headshots on every single enemy in your path.

Some of the less ridiculous cheats are actually just useful — you can unlock the ability to launch your vehicle, or get double XP for four hours with a temporary progress booster. All cheats can be purchased with standard in-game currencies. They’re expensive, but you can get everything you need by clearing out a few bandit outposts.

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How To Unlock Cheats | Complete Cheat Codes List


To unlock cheats, you need to find the travelling wizard vendor in the open world. The wizard, Mangoo the Unborn, appears in different locations on his hot-air balloon shack. He sells a variety of cheats — they cost between 500 and 2,000 coins, normally.

He might not have all the cheats listed below in his inventory. If he doesn’t, check back later and see how his inventory has expanded! He appears in a couple different spots on the map, but most notably you can find him early in your adventures at the location below.

Just drive there, and you’ll see a tall stack of balloons reaching into the sky where he’s parked. Drive up and you can begin purchasing cheat codes.

NOTE: Cheat codes, when activated, will permanently disable earning achievement / trophies on your save file. Make a save file BEFORE purchasing! You can toggle cheats on / off in the Settings -> Cheats menu.

Two cheats are AUTOMATICALLY unlocked — ‘Diamond Geezer‘ and ‘He’s On Fire‘ — these two Narrator cheats will NOT disable achievements / trophies when activated.

  • Progress Booster: Double all Feltrite collected for four hours.
  • Super Overdrive: Rage even harder and boost the power of your Overdrive!
  • Son of Thor: You’ve been thunderstruck! Now redirect it to your enemies and electrocute them.
  • Red Barrel Rain: It’s raining explosives, hallelujah! Drop in a cluster of red barrels in front of you.
  • Super Wingstick: Your favourite murderous boomerang, now with unlimited redirects!
  • Git Gud: Stop being a casual and git gud. All enemies go down in one hit!
  • Super Phoenix: You thought the Phoenix was already overpowered? Well then, think again!
  • Klegg Support: You can call in villainous asshole Klegg Clayton to help you out as a helpful asshole.
  • Phoenix Rejector Seat: When you hit eject, your car flies off into the sky instead of you. Perfect.

Cheats cost in-game cash, so you’ll need to complete quests or search for storage chests to stock up! Some of these cheats are incredibly powerful, and the best of them will automatically disable achievements / trophies on your save file. You can toggle cheats back off / on, but if you’re aiming to earn lots of achievements / trophies, I’d wait until after you’ve completed the game.