Rage 2: How To Unlock The NBA Jam & Danny Dyer Narrators | Easter Eggs Guide

Remember ‘Boomshakalaka!” from NBA Jam? Well, probably not. It’s an old game — and even if you know the game, you probably didn’t know that narrator’s name was Tim Kitzrow. It’s a deep cut reference that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but you can unlock Tim Kitzrow’s voice as a constant narrator, talking over all your actions in Rage 2.

You don’t even need to do anything special. These features are unlocked right from the start — you probably just won’t know how to access them. These are not pre-order bonuses, DLC, or even cheat codes. They’re available any time you want to use them.

On top of NBA Jam’s ‘Boomshakalaka!” guy, you can also unlock the cockney voice-over of Dany Dyer, who is some weird UK celebrity that nobody in North America has every heard of. Even if you don’t know him, you can listen to his funny accent as he talks over everything you do in-game, from stomping bad guys to driving around all day in the post-apocalyptic environment.

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How To Unlock The NBA Jam & Danny Dyer Narrators | Easter Eggs Guide

The NBA Jam / Cockney Grandpa voice-overs are unlocked right from the start of the game, but you have to activate them. These are two ‘cheats’ — ‘Diamond Geezer‘ and ‘He’s On Fire!‘ — that you can toggle on / off from the Settings menu.

  • Go to Settings -> Cheats -> Voice Packs
    • Scroll left / right to select ‘He’s On Fire’ or ‘Diamond Geezer’

Because these aren’t really useful cheat codes, and they don’t make the game easier, activating these cheats will NOT disable achievements / trophies. You can enable / disable them as much as you want, or swap them around.

So, what do the voice packs do? They add a never-ending narrator that talks over all your actions. They mostly offer commentary when you’re fighting enemies, but they’ll keep talking when you’re driving around, walking around, opening chests — or doing anything at all really.

They’re both incredibly annoying after the initial surprise. If you want to have a few laugh, give these weird options a try.