Rage 2: All Abadon Crusher Mutant Locations | ‘The Bigger They Fall’ & ‘Crusher’ Guide

Abadon Crushers are the biggest of the big mutants in Rage 2, and they’re (almost) always located in an underground chamber. There are a total of seven of these massive bruisers prowling the wasteland, and you can earn two achievements / trophies for taking them all out. Here, you’ll find a map showing all the Abadon locations — one of the big guys is defeated in the story, so you’ll only really need to hunt down the last six.

For taking them all out, you’ll be able to earn the ‘The Bigger They Fall…’. You can also earn a second achievement / trophy for defeating at least one of these big brutes with your Phoenix vehicle. That’s a lot trickier, but I’ll explain how to do it in the guide below. There’s only one location that allows you to kill an Abadon with a vehicle, and it’s marked on our map.

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All Abadon Crusher Mutant Locations | ‘The Bigger They Fall’ & ‘Crusher’ Guide

Abadon Crushers are legendary mutants — they’re massive bosses that take a whole lot of damage, so you’ll want to be prepared before you go hunting all of them down.

Check out the full map for each location — Abadon Crushers are typically located underground, so look for open pipes or entrances that lead into sewers to encounter them. There’s only one place they appear in the open-world, not in a mini-dungeon.

For defeating all seven Abadon Crushers, you’ll unlock ‘The Bigger They Fall…‘ achievement / trophy.

There are two Abadon Crushers located in the northernmost section of the map. You’ll need to start from the ‘1’ pointer, then drive to the ‘2’ pointer. There’s a tricky track that leads to the final lair of the Abadon Crushers, and it’s accessible by vehicle. You can drive your Phoenix to the spot, and deliver the killing blow with your vehicle’s primary weapons for a bonus achievement / trophy.