Rage 2: Where To Find Every Ark | All Ark Weapons & Abilities Locations [Map]

Unlock a whole bunch of powerful abilities in Rage 2 with these  optional ARK locations. You’ll find more that loot chests and resources to collect in the post-apocalyptic wilderness. The best stuff is all in ARK spheres — huge locked chambers that give you additional powers to play around with. Stuff like double-jumps, grav-darts, shields, and other handy skills are completely missable if you don’t stop and check these ARK locations out.

Several ARKs are required as you progress deeper into the story, but the ARKs plastered on the map below are 100% optional. If you miss out, you’ll be kicking yourself — some of these ARKs give you basic abilities that you’ll want ASAP, especially in the areas at the center of the map, or near your starting spot.

Keep scrolling for a quick reference map to all the hidden ARKs. Just drive close, and a marker will appear in the proper area — the rest is up to you. Just kill everything that moves and you’ll find an ARK waiting at the end of each camp.

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Where To Find Every Ark | All Ark Weapons & Abilities Locations [Map]

Ark Weapons and Nanotrite Abilities are the two types of rewards you’ll find in the massive Arks, scattered across the game world. You can purchase maps in town that show you where every Ark is located, or you can just use the map below. Each marked location features an Ark — there is a special marker for Arks that will appear when you get close.

To unlock an Ark Weapon or Ability, you’ll need to enter the Ark and interact with the terminal. After a short tutorial, you’ll be shown how to use the ability or weapon. After completing the tutorial, you’ll be free to access your new unlock at any time. Some of these are very, very useful — you won’t want to miss the optional abilities, especially!

Check these markers for easy ARK sphere locations. All the ARKs in the map above are OPTIONAL and can be missed.
  • All Ark Abilities:
    • Dash [Can’t Miss]
    • Shatter
    • Grav-Jump
    • Slam
    • Defibrillation
    • Rush
    • Vortex
    • Grav-Dart Launcher
    • Barrier

ARK Weapons can also be found, but you’ll mostly collect these are you move through the main story.

  • Ark Weapons:
    • Combat Shotgun
    • Firestorm Revolver
    • Charged Pulse Cannon
    • Hyper-Cannon
    • Smart Rocket Launcher