Rage 2: Find Elon Musk’s Brain In This Ridiculous Easter Egg Location [Video]

If you haven’t heard of Elon Musk, you’ve probably been enjoying a nice life in a cave somewhere. The SpaceX founder and CEO is all over the news — and this polarizing figure has been infecting our popular media with his presence for years now. Rage 2, the latest off-the-wall post-apocalyptic FPS, is full of references to Elon Musk and his space-centered prospects. Replacing Musk with ‘Tusk‘ — you’ll enter his facilities and buildings as you progress through the game’s main story.

The posters and notes are just the start. The real Easter egg — the awesome secret that you can find, is shown in the video above. If you find a hidden bunker, you can actually locate the fictional Elon Musk. Unlike every other location in the game, this is an Easter egg area with full voice-over, events, and a surprise ending. It’s all worth checking out, so I recommend watching the video.

The secret facility houses a still-living ‘Tusk’ underground. Below, you’ll hear the man’s voice as he gloats over you.  He’s transcended this mortal coil, allowing him to live an unnaturally long time. If you dare to enter his lair, he’ll kill you without even thinking. Later, you’ll encounter some of his guards — broken-down spy bots that crumble the moment they’re launched. Deeper in the facility, you’ll find ‘Tusk’ himself in a special container. No, he isn’t dead like reports and memos claim. He’s a brain in a jar.

That’s the natural end for all super-rich people that want to live forever. Your Ranger leaves confused and kind of sad. The area is full of riches, including three Ark chests you can raid for plenty of goodies. It’s one of the only locations in the game with actual scripted events and triggers with a unique character giving voice-over. It’s totally unique, and it took us by surprise when we wandered into this seemingly innocuous area, and were greeted by an Elon Musk analogue over a PA system.

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