Rage 2: Find The Creative Director Of Rage 1 Going Nuts | Easter Egg Guide

Get a closer look below.

Found in the central hub of Wellspring in Rage 2, there’s a pretty obscure Easter egg sitting out in plain sight. Everywhere you go in Rage 2, you’ll find insane people doing strange things — but this one might be the strangest.

If you check the credits, you’ll find Timothy Willits (@Tim Willits on Twitter) is one of the primary developers behind both games in the Rage franchise. He also appears as a deranged, rat-eating monster-man named Wimothy Tillits.

What’s the story behind this guy? He’s a comical version of the iD Software co-creator, and only eagle-eyed gamers will be able to recognize him. Obviously, this is a playful jab instead of a cruel call-out, and we’ll explain where to find him in the quick guide below.

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Creative Director Of Rage 1 Going Nuts | Easter Egg Guide


To find’Wimothy Tillits’ (Timothy Willits!) you’ll need to travel to Wellspring in the center of the map. From the entrance, head right and you’ll find this deranged NPC going nuts on a toilet. There are rats hanging from the ceiling, rats on the wall, and rats on a plate.

  • These aren’t the only Timothy Willits references — you’ll also find Willits’ name on meat products and microwave stroganoff wrappers. Take a good luck at the items in Klegg’s office!

This guy loves rats — and, due to the intense grind of game development, it’s probably how the man felt on multiple days as he worked with Avalanche Studios to complete the open-world action of Rage 2.

There are tons of other Easter eggs and secrets to uncover in Rage 2, and we’re working hard to uncover as many of them as possible. Keep following our guides here on Gameranx — there’s a whole lot more