Resident Evil 2: There Are Two New RE3 Easter Eggs In Racoon City | Nemesis’ Roar & Jill’s Letter

resident evil

Resident Evil 3 is official, and with the announcement comes some secret new content to its predecessor Resident Evil 2. In this year’s remake of the seminal horror classic from Capcom, you can now find two hidden Easter eggs — one that’s creepy, and one that hints at a starting location for the protagonist of RE3. For finding the letter, you’ll even earn a nice achievement / trophy for your effort.

The real star of the show is Nemesis himself. Instead of appearing in the base game, the unstoppable killer instead invades the updated RE2 demo PC. The new version takes away the 30 minutes time limit, and includes the terrifying roar of Nemesis. Stand in the right spot, and you’ll hear his signature snarl. Learn about where to find both these Easter eggs in the quick guide below.

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Nemesis In The RE2 Demo

You won’t see Nemesis, that weird-faced freak who’s the main attraction of RE3, but you can hear him. Nemesis’ voice appears in the RE2 demo for PC — stand near the front gates, and you’ll hear his growl.

He roars “S.T.A.R.S.!” — a sign that he’s hunting after the intrepid hero of the sequel, Jill Valentine. She’s a member of the S.T.A.R.S. unit, who are being targeted by the unkillable bioweapon deployed by the evil Umbrella Corporation. Now you’re all up-to-speed.

Pretty spooky right? There’s another Easter egg available in the main game, and this one’s all about Jill.

How To Find Jill’s Letter

To unlock the new ‘Chasing Jill’ achievement / trophy, you’ll need to reach the Kendo Gun Shop. In Leon’s Campaign, you’ll reach this area after leaving through the Police Station Garage, but before entering the Sewers. The brand new memo is found on the front desk — it’s from Jill Valentine, the main protagonist of RE3.


It seems like you’ve got your reasons for staying put, so I’ll trust you to take care of yourself.

Still, if things get worse and your ‘other arrangements’ don’t work out, you know where to find me. I’ll do everything I can.

-Jill Valentine

For findding this new letter, you’ll unlock ‘Chasing Jill’ — it’s an easy memo to miss, especially because it was only added recently with the official announcement of the Resident Evil 3 remake. Why is there a letter in Kendo’s Gun Shop?

If you’re a Resident Evil fan, you’ll already know. One of Jill’s first locations to visit is the back room of Kendo’s Gun Shop, right before she explores the Police Station. This is just a tiny bit of continuity to add context. It isn’t much, but I’m so hype for RE3, I’ll take anything.