Destiny 2: Season of Dawn – How To Get The Perfect Paradox 2.0 Shotgun | Legendary Quest Guide

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The Perfect Paradox returns in Destiny 2, and during the holiday season you can grab this fully-automatic shotgun by completing a few simple quests. Like any of the weapon quests, this can be pretty time-consuming, so be prepared to far lots and lots of enemies. It also helps to get a pretty powerful shotgun for all the kills you’ll need — here’s an early warning, you’ll need to get 1,000 enemy kills for just a single step of this quest. At least that’s pretty easy.

The Perfect Paradox is another special returning weapon from Destiny 1. What makes it unique is the Rapid-Fire Frame, turning this standard shotgun into a full-auto death machine up-close. It even reloads faster when you empty the magazine, making it a pretty compelling weapon. It might not be an Exotic, but it’s still worth obtaining for the season.

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How To Get The Perfect Paradox 2.0 Shotgun | Exotic Quest Guide

To begin this special Exotic Quest, you must complete the first Sundial quest from Ikora and Osiris during the 2019 Season of Dawn. After the initial quest is complete, you can accept the quest ‘Recovering The Past’ from Osiris.

Step #1: 0/3 Energy Patterns – Defeat Bosses

Very simple, just defeat three bosses anywhere. Go to any Patrol or Public Event to clear bosses fast. Defeat three to move onto the next step. After that, return to Osiris for the next step.

Step #2: 0/1000 Shotgun Kills, 0/25 Melee Kills

Grab your favorite shotgun and go hunting. Jump into Lost Sectors, Public Events, or farm random enemies out in the open to earn a total of 1,000 kills. Make sure to get in a few Melee Kills while you’re at it.

Step #3: Complete Pyramidion, 0/5 Weapon Enhancers

Another time-consuming step. This time, you’ll need to complete the Pyramidion strike, then collect 5 Weapon Enhancers — you’ll earn those from completing strikes, Crucible Matches, or Gambit Matches. After completing 5 strikes / Crucible / Gambit matches, return to Osiris for the Perfect Paradox 2.0 Shotgun.

It might not be Exotic, but it is a special shotgun that’s worth collecting. And it’s only available this winter.

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