Netflix’s Final Trailer for The Witcher Showcases Epic Fighting, Story Plot Points, and More

Netflix has released the final trailer for their highly anticipated series — The Witcher.

As the title mentions, the final trailer for the Witcher is filled with some epic fighting set pieces, some story plot points, and much more. If you’re looking foward to the show, you don’t have to wait too much longer as it is set to launch on Netflix on December 20th. Plus if you’re a fan of the game and books, the show will be an absolute treat to watch as it will be filled with epic moments, easter eggs, and more.

Check out the epic final trailer for The Witcher Netflix series down below:

In related news, three new featurettes were recently released which showcases our three main characters of the show — Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri. Each of the trailer is about 3 minutes long and gives the viewer a good insight on the background of the characters from their respective actors playing them. If you’re new to the franchise, and want to learn more about the characters before the show airs this month, I would advise you to check them out!

The Witcher Netflix series is set to launch on December 20, 2019. Are you excited for the highly anticipated series? Let us know what you think about the new poster in the comments below!

Source: YouTube