Call of Duty: Mobile – How To Complete Every Easter Egg On Shi No Numa | Zombies Raid Guide

The new Zombies cooperative mode is finally available to everyone in Call of Duty: Mobile. You’ll be able to explore the Shi No Numa map — and fight endless hordes of the undead with friends. The tiny map is packed with mini-Easter egg quests you can complete for bonus rewards, and here I’m going to explain how to complete all of them.

Not every Easter egg quest has a reward, though. As you finish these hidden objectives, you’ll fill a checklist on the map. Currently, I have no idea what these check boxes are for. Do you earn more XP when you finish the map? Will the map get updated later with new rewards? I really don’t know, so I’ll label any completable Easter eggs with no known reward in the guide below. Some of these mini-quests give you handy power-ups.

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Shi No Numa | All Easter Eggs Guide

There are lots of Easter eggs and mini-quests you can complete by interacting with objects around the Shi No Numa map — you can earn bonus power-ups, unlock secret areas of the map, and generally explore lots of secrets.

It isn’t clear what all of these Easter eggs actually do, so check back soon. We’ll update this article with any new information we find.

Shoot Blue Skulls For Max Ammo

To earn a free Max Ammo power-up, open the Storage Hut and look for the strange rock sitting outside the map boundaries. Shoot this rock, and it will spawn blue skulls — you may need to leave the room and come back.

After shooting all the skulls, the final skull will drop a Max Ammo power-up. It’s just that simple!

Shoot Frying Pans For A Death Machine

To earn a free Death Machine power-up, unlock the Fishing Hut and look on the walls for hanging frying pans. Shoot all four frying pans. That causes five blue plants to spawn.

There are three before you reach the bridge, and two after — shoot all five, and a Death Machine power-up will drop from the last one.

Fight The Secret Super Boss

To fight a giant Easter egg end boss, you need to play on Hardcore Raid difficulty. Once you start, you can complete the following steps. This can be done solo.

  • Collect the gears — two parts are located on the lower levels of the central building.
  • Use the parts to fix the lift in the shed.
  • Ride the lift down into a secret underground lab area.
  • Enter the growing room and shoot the blue plants to destroy them. You’ll earn a Max Ammo once you destroy them all.
  • Interact with the lever in the computer room.

Complete all these steps, and you’ll eventually initiate a battle against a giant plant-zombie monster! This is the most exciting Easter egg, and it’s well worth your time.

Teddy Bear Locations – Reward Unknown

You can collect teddy bears on this map — but their purpose isn’t clear. You’ll fulfill objectives by finding and shooting these four teddy bears, but there doesn’t appear to be any reward.

  • Teddy #1: Comm Room – Look on the window to the right.
  • Teddy #2: Fishing Hut – On the ledge to the left of the entrance.
  • Teddy #3: Doctor’s Quarters – From the wallbuy, look in the nearby window to the left. The teddy bear is hidden behind some bushes.
  • Teddy #4: Storage Hut – On the window to the right of the entrance.

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