Hitman 2: Halloween Event – How To Complete The Mills Reverie | Secret Rewards Guide

Halloween is creeping up on us, and Hitman 2 is celebrating with a freaky Escalation mission that rewards players with two awesome unlockables.

The mission itself is bizarre, makes no sense, and forces you to hunt an unkillable foe that keeps respawning in different locations. You’ll haunt his nightmares, knocking him out, dragging him into ritual sites, and finally pulling him into the abyss with your creepy Jack-o-Lantern self.

For finishing this mission, you’ll earn the sleek Tactical Wetsuit and a spooky Bat Shuriken. No, not a Batarang — this is a very different haunted weapon. And no, I’m not talking about those briefcases that can magically chase people down.

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The Mills Reverie – Level 1

For this first stage, you just need to pacify Orson Mills with a Spooky Baseball Bat. Find the bat leaning against a gravestone in the cemetery area, right next to a guard standing under a tree. Just sneak behind him and grab it. You don’t even need to distract him.

Mills patrols near the ritual site outside his house. You don’t even have to worry about his body — just wait in the tall grass for him to leave, and before he reaches his house, smack him with the bat.

Now all you have to do is leave to earn the Tactical Wetsuit. Go to a cupboard and step inside.

The Mills Reverie – Level 2

For the second level of escalation, Orson will appear on the roof of the house. The easiest way to the roof is straight through the house — go through the kitchen / living area, up the stairs, and out to the balcony. Go upstairs, and skirt around the left side, using the vents as cover.

After pushing him, you’ll need to drag his body to the ritual site. The ritual site is one of the spots he visits, it’s near the house. Wait for the guards to clear, then drag the body to the ritual site to complete this step.

The tricky part is that Orson will get up again. Knock him out with the bat (again) and drag him if you’re not quick enough. Knock out the guard waiting at the circle of candles, then drag Orson in.

The Mills Reverie – Level 3

For the next step, you’ll need to kill every guard on the map. There are 24 guards total — don’t worry about getting a good score, just use your Silent Pistol to take them out one-by-one.

For the final new step, you need to bring Orson with you into the closet. Very easy — if you kill every guard, just punch him out and stow him before hiding.

For completing this step, you’ll earn the fancy Bat Shuriken. Perfect for spooky kills all-year-round.