Red Dead Online: Earn Fast Gold & Cash With This Secluded Fishing Pond

The fancy pond you’ll want to visit for gold.

If you’re looking to earn four easy gold bars in Red Dead Online and grab a stack of cash while you’re at it, you’ll want to check out this lonely pond in the Lemoyne region. With three new roles added to the online portion of Red Dead Redemption 2, there’s even more reason to save up those gold bars — each valuable beginner’s pack costs 15 gold. That’s a fat stack for returning players to cough up.

Whether you’re a little low, or you just want more — there’s an extremely easy way to get four gold bars — and a stack of cash too. This area online is completely hidden from the outside world, so you’re free to make the fish spawn while on Defensive Mode. Dealing with hunters crowding your pond can be extremely annoying, so this is just one great spot you can use.

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Earn Fast Gold & Cash With This Secluded Fishing Pond
Any secluded pond or river works, but this one is pretty nice.

To earn 4 gold and lots of cash, travel to the small pond at Ringneck Creek, in the state of Lemoyne. There are many ponds like it, and you can use this method at any of the ponds in the game that are fairly secluded (and shallow) — but this is one of the most convenient.

To earn gold, you just need to blow up fish. You’ll need a fishing rod and dynamite. Pull out your fishing rod near the pond, and small fish will start to spawn. Let them! Wait a few, and when a nice cluster of fish have appeared, toss dynamite into the pond to blow it up.

Why are we doing this? To earn an award. You’ll earn .40 gold for each award you complete. You can reset this award ten times, repeating it every time. Just go to the progression menu to reset.

After blowing up all those little fish, you can walk into the water and collect the fish for some extra cash. You can also find rare Redfin Pickerel in this pond — if you’re looking for a daily challenge, you can grab them here. Just check before tossing dynamite in.

Hilariously, you can stand on a small boulder in the pond with your fishing rod out, making more smallmouth fish spawn. If you’re in just the right spot, the spawning fish will actually beach themselves. You can just snap them up for easy rewards.

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