Collector Discovers Unreleased Xbox Game From Dev Unit

This discovery happened earlier this month but the news is still making its rounds online. It looks like a new unreleased video game has been discovered and while these projects are dug up from past development files and consoles, it’s still considered a very rare find. While some developers are open to discuss past projects that were simply pitches or canceled games altogether, we’re hoping the same happens with this game. Today, we’re finding out about Rebellious Bullet, an unreleased game that was discovered on an Xbox developer unit. 

From what we can gather, the owner of the developer console unit won it through a bid on an online auction. It was then discovered that there was a build of a shooter title called Rebellious Bullet which you can check out the footage to above. Now the news is still coming in so we’re still waiting to find out what the history of this game is right now. 

With that said, the owner of the developer Xbox console unit has dumped the ROM for those to enjoy the game fully but you’ll need to have a debug kit, DVT or a modified retail console according to the YouTube video description. We’re eager to hear more about Rebellious Bullet but we’d also love to hear your thoughts. With the gameplay footage above, do you think this game could have been a decent hit for the original Xbox if the development studio opted to keep up with the project?

Source: YouTube