Borderlands 3: Don’t Miss The ‘Hangin’ Chadd’ Unique Gun That Gives You Unlimited Ammo

It doesn’t look like much, but this gun has infinite ammo.

Sick of worldly concerns like ammo limits in Borderlands 3? Want to just keep shooting and shooting forever? There’s one gun that essentially gives you an easy cheat code — and it’s based on a nineteen year old joke. The ‘Extreme’ Hangin’ Chad’ might reference the 2000 Presidential Election, but it’s got one power that’s always relevant. This gun doesn’t use any ammo, and it doesn’t overheat.

There’s a big drawback. It isn’t a Legendary, but not everything that glitters is gold. Some rare blue weapons can easily outperform orange rarity guns, and this one is just too good to pass up. It doesn’t use any ammo, it’s automatic, and it’s strong enough to take out most enemies at (or around) Level 28, when you first find it. Learn all about getting this awesome gun in the full guide below.

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How To Get The ‘Extreme Hangin’ Chadd’ Infinite Ammo Gun | Unique Weapon Guide

To get the ‘Extreme Hangin’ Chadd’, you’ll need to complete the side mission ‘Swamp Bro’. This quest is available in the town of Reliance, located on Eden-6, in the Floodmoor Basin region. You can explore it after completing ‘The Guns of Reliance’ side mission.

In this quest, you’ll meet a Parkout obsessed weirdo named Chadd. While completing increasingly dubious stunts, you’ll also repair the massive vehicle lift — essentially, you’re also unlocking a nice shortcut from the lower levels of the basin region. The town of Reliance is kind of like a crossroads, so opening every entrance / exit helps navigating the area a whole lot easier.

But we’re not here to talk about that. For finishing up the mission, you’ll get a completely ridiculous weapon called the ‘Extreme Hangin’ Chadd’ — and what makes it so extreme? It doesn’t use any ammo! It doesn’t overheat, either. At first, I thought this had to be a bug. But, if you look at the text carefully, you’ll see a clue that this was actually totally intended.

So Chadd’s not even real?

+39% Weapon Damage

+10% Critical Hit Damage

+21% Weapon Accuracy

Consumes 4 ammo per shot

(lol no it doesn’t)

1.8x Weapon Zoom

Highly effective vs. Flesh

And there you have it. The gun is meant to consume a lot of ammo, but it just doesn’t. It’s a CoV weapon, and the fact that it doesn’t consume ammo has a secondary bonus effect — it never overheats.

This gun is straight up cheating incarnate at Lvl. 27. If you’re exploring the swamps, and throw this gun away because it isn’t a Legendary, you’re making a grave mistake. This thing is completely awesome.