The First Official Super Nintendo World Opens Next Year


It’s been a few years but you may recall the news of Nintendo partnering up with Universal Studios. This partnership is bringing out a full interactive world within their parks and now we know that the first location will be opening up for the public next year. Unfortunately, this new park will be in Japan so unless your local or plan on making a flight over into the area, you will be out of luck until more locations roll out.

This shred of news comes from Attraction Magazine who reported that the Super Nintendo World debut announcement was alerted through a recently Comcast 2019 Media, Communications and Entertainment conference. We still have to wait and see just what this new park world will deliver, but there are apparently two rides already revealed. One ride is Yoshi themed where it will feature a large amount of animatronics and during the ride you’ll get a bigger look around the park itself. The other ride mentioned is one based around Mario Kart.

Luckily for Nintendo fans this won’t be the only park location opened up at a Universal Studios. Other locations are inbound so the chances of actually visiting a real life Nintendo theme park may go up. The bad news about this is that we don’t actually know just when these new parks will be opening up. After all, it’s been a few years since the partnership even struct and we’re still waiting on the release of a Nintendo theme park set for next year. 

Source: Attraction Magazine, VG247