Borderlands 3 Cloud Save Fix Is Coming Soon

After years of waiting, Borderlands 3 finally made its way out into the marketplace. Now fans have been going through the campaign to enjoy the new adventure which follows players facing against the Calypso twins from seeking other vaults. Now that the game has finally released this past week there is a ton of players actively going through the game and sinking plenty of hours into the campaign. If you’re playing on the PC platform which is exclusive to the Epic Games Store then heed our warning as it seems players are finding their saves being deleted. This is only being caused by the cloud save feature so if you’re saving locally, then chances are you’ll be fine.

The developers at Gearbox Software are aware of the problem and have been working with Epic Games to resolve the issue quickly. Right now a hotfix has been implemented which will showcase a window prompt when you launch the game. Essentially, Epic Games suggest selecting the newer file option which will keep you from losing data but do note that any progress lost is not recoverable. 

This is not something gamers are wanting to deal with after sinking hours into the game, but at the very least we know that the developers along with Epic Games Store are aware of the problem and is looking to deliver a solid fix soon.

If you’re still uncertain about picking up Borderlands 3 then we can lend a hand. We recommend checking out our Before You Buy episode upload which can be found above. This will provide a look at some gameplay along with our overall thoughts and impressions of the game. As for what you can play the title on, Borderlands 3 is available for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and at a later date, Google Stadia. 

Source: Epic Games Store