New Footage Unveils GameStop Store Redesign 

GameStop is a big chain of stores that’s been around for years. It’s was a great source to gather new video game titles both new, old and used. However, over the years, there has been a steady decline to the franchise and it’s caused some restructuring which meant closure to plenty of retail locations. However, to keep things new, fresh and appealing, GameStop has been working on a new redesign which will hopefully give the chain of stores a resurgence that it desperately needs. 

The redesign will bring in new features to GameStop that not only changes the store overall layout but provide more unique experiences which could range to more classic video game titles being available for purchase to even in-house competitions at your local shop. Whether this is enough to sway gamers to the store remains to be seen over the next couple of years, that is if this chain of stores can sustain itself. It’s been an iffy ride for GameStop these past few years so it’s a wonder if this is their last attempt to become a reputable source for video games.

A new video posted online showcased what one store looks like now after the redesign which you can view with the link right here. Regardless, there is plenty of competition that GameStop will have to endure such as the other big retailers that offer video games and merch along with the online retail marketplace such as Amazon. 

Source: Facebook, PlayStation LifeStyle