Borderlands 3: How To Farm Infinite Eridium & Earn Easy Legendary Weapons | 1k+ Eridium Per Hour

Because I’m an obsessed Vault Hunter in Borderlands 3, all I can think about is Legendary weapons. Randomly getting Legendary weapons is basically my favorite thing. You might’ve noticed a lot of coverage detailing the various ways to get Legendary weapons, and now we’ve found another method that’s all about Eridium.

Eridium is a rare resource you’ll be able to collect after a certain point in the main story. It’s pretty far in, so don’t expect to start farming Eridium right away. Eridium is also handy for earning Legendary weapons — why? Because there’s an Eridium Vending Machine you can use that rolls out random rarity guns. It drops Legendary weapons a lot. Like, once every three rolls.

That’s why you’ll want a whole lot of Eridium. And here’s a way you can earn a ton of it.

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How To Farm Infinite Eridium & Earn Easy Legendary Weapons

To start our Eridium farming quest, here are two methods that’ll help you earn tons of the stuff. All of these methods can be done without unlocking Mayhem Mode — but, Mayhem Mode will improve your rewards, so if you complete the game and want even more Eridium, crank up Mayhem Mode.

Method #1: Eden-6 Farming

On Eden-6, in the Voracious Canopy zone, leave the lower science dome section of the map and look left for a drop into a narrow cavern. It leads to the Eridium Marker collectible — but you can ignore that. This cave is insanely dense with Eridium Crystals. Smash them up, then exit to menu and reload to the New-U Station to farm endlessly.

Method #2: Pandora Farming

The second method — which is also a lot slower, but does give you more alternate rewards, is making runs in Carnivora. The early area, from the entrance, is replete with several large chests and Eridium chests.

The Eridium Chest spawn in one of three locations — on the rooftop to the left, straight ahead from the entrance. It can also appear inside an open container on the right. You’ll have to jump up into it. The last one is further in, after running through another causeway to a sign, look left for the last Eridium chest spawn location. You can also grab a large chest to the right of the sign.

Like the other method, just quit and continue to reset the farm. While some players claim this is a great Eridium farm, in my experience it isn’t nearly as good as the above method.