Borderlands 3: Get Secret Guns From Moxxi’s Tip Jar | ‘Tips Appreciated’ Guide

Max Moxxi makes her return debut in Borderlands 3, and she’s still got all the spice you remember from previous games. You’ll find her tending bar and slinging casino chips in her corner of Sanctuary III, your space-faring home-away-from-home. If you’ve got the cash, there’s a funny little Easter egg and achievement / trophy you can unlock that’s all about donating.

This returning secret was first discovered in Borderlands 2. While it isn’t quite the same, you’ll still get a gun for donating a certain amount of cash to Moxxi’s tip jar. If you keep donating, the guns might just be random, but at least one of them you’ll get every single time. Learn all about this mysterious tip jar in the full guide below.

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Get Secret Guns From Moxxi’s Tip Jar | ‘Tips Appreciated’ Guide
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To get this extremely gaudy gun, you’ll need to save up your scratch and start donating to Moxxi’s Tip Jar. You’ll find the Tip Jar in Moxxi’s Bar in the Sanctuary III ship.

You’ll unlock the ship early in the game — after completing a few areas on Pandora, you’ll be off to Promethea. To get there, Lilith will show you the fabulous Sanctuary III, where all your old quest-giving pals will hang out together.

When you interact with Moxxi’s Tip Jar, you can donate different amounts. No matter how much you donate, you’ll earn the ‘Tips Appreciated‘ achievement / trophy for giving anything at all. In the same room, you can also earn the ‘Dropping Loads‘ achievement / trophy for playing the slot machine until a live grenade pops out.

But, if you’re interested in getting this unique gun, you’ll need a lot of money. You have to donate 30,000 cash — and it only works if you donate in 1,000 increments. Basically, donate 1,000 bucks 30 times and this fancy, fashionable weapon will pop out.

There are more guns you can find here if you’re willing to keep donating. This is just a weird little secret for dedicated Vault Hunters. The gun ain’t half bad either.