Borderlands 3: Say Hello To ‘Dinklebot’ & Engrams With This Destiny Easter Egg

It’s a match made in looter shooter heaven — Borderlands 3 and Destiny, joined together. Here’s an Easter egg I haven’t seen brought up anywhere else, and it throws some serious shade at Destiny. While exploring the space station above Promethea, you’ll be able to encounter a unique enemy called ‘Dinklebot’ — which is a reference to the tiny robot companion voiced by Peter Dinklage in the original Destiny.

The voice performance was infamous. The developers of Destiny, Bungie, eventually removed the voice entirely, replacing him with Nolan North — who we have to assume was much cheaper. You won’t just find Dinklebots to abuse, there’s also a ‘Loot-o-gram’ to collect. Yes, it’s an Engram, one of the infamously useless item boxes you can collect and turn in for rewards. Learn how to find both, and what you’ll get from the Engram below.

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‘Dinklebot’ & Engrams Locations | Destiny Easter Egg Guide

The ‘Dinklebot’ Easter egg is found in Skywell-27 on the planet Promethea. The bot is floating around in an early part of the stage, near the ‘Station 27’ facility, down lunar path from the starting area.

Dinklebot is about the size of a Ghost from Destiny — fitting, because Peter Dinklage voiced the tiny robot in the original Destiny, before the entire voice performance was replaced by Nolan North’s portrayal. The robot will only spawn after you’ve cleared the area once, and even then it might be random.

Defeating Dinklebot will drop a Legendary Loot-o-gram! Take it to Crazy Earl in Sanctuary III. The Loot-o-gram is a reference to the Engrams from Destiny, and they’re just as useless; taking the Loot-o-gram to Crazy Earl nets you a worthless common gun. The prize is junk, but the Easter egg is pretty great.