Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Unlock Permanent Upgrades By Mastering Classes | Complete List Of Master Skills

Every class includes a special Mastery Skill you can unlock in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. While you’ll probably know some of these Mastery Skills, others are a lot harder (and more time-consuming) to unlock. Here, you’ll find a complete list of all the Master Skills in the game — there’s one for each class, and some of these skills are incredibly useful. Once a class is Mastered, you’ll keep this bonus skill permanently, even when you switch classes. Depending on your character, some of these Mastery Skills are absolutely worth unlocking.

Weirdly, not every class has a Mastery Skill to unlock. Most of the early classes do, but later classes sometimes do not. Most of the Master (Lvl 30+) classes are based on mounts — either horses, wyverns, or Pegasus. You’ll have to focus on training your students in mounted skills if you want to unlock those classes in the late-game, and most of their Mastery Skills are based on having less than 25% health. That’s some serious risk, but handy to remember when dealing with boss foes.

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Unlock Permanent Upgrades By Mastering Classes | Complete List Of Master Skills

Each class has a special Mastery Skill that can be unlocked when fully upgraded. This is a permanent upgrade and sticks with your character even if you re-class.

Starter Classes

  • Commoner: Increase HP by 5
  • Dancer: Dexterity / Speed/ Luck +4 To Target When Using Dance
  • Noble: Increase HP by 5

Beginner Classes – Lvl. 5+ Required

  • Fighter: Increase Strength by 2
  • Monk: Increase Magic by 2
  • Myrmidon: Increase Speed by 2
  • Soldier: Increase Defense by 2

Intermediate Classes – Lvl. 10+ Required + Intermediate Seal Required

  • Archer: +20 To Hit
  • Armored Knight: +6 DEF when attacking.
  • Brawler: User can fight without a weapon equipped.
  • Brigand: +6 STR when attacking.
  • Cavalier: Always follow-up attack before enemy counterattack when below 50% HP.
  • Dark Mage: -20% Damage to Enemy HP when attacking.
  • Lord: Increase Resistance by 2
  • Mage: +6 MAG when attacking.
  • Mercenary: Always attack first when below 50% HP.
  • Pegasus Knight: +6 AS when attacking.
  • Priest: Grants a chance to survive with 1 HP.
  • Thief: Unit can steal non-weapon items from an enemy with Speed lower than the unit attempting to steal.

Advanced Classes – Lvl. 20+ Required

  • Armored Lord: Increase Luck / Charm by 4.
  • Assassin: Chance to instantly kill target. (.25 x DEX = Percentage to activate.)
  • Bishop: Recovers 20% HP at the start of every turn.
  • Dark Bishop: Recover HP equal to 50% of damage dealt after defeating an enemy.
  • Fortress Knight: Chance to lower Sword / Axe / Brawling / Lance damage by 50%. (DEX = Percentage to activate.)
  • Grappler: +20 HIT / AVO when brawl attacking magic users.
  • Hero: +8 STR when below 25% HP.
  • High Lord: Increase Luck / Charm by 4.
  • Paladin: Chance to lower Bow / Magic damage by 50%. (DEX = Percentage to activate.)
  • Sniper: N/A
  • Swordmaster: N/A
  • Warlock: +20 HIT / AVO when magic attacking bow users.
  • Warrior: N/A
  • Wyvern Rider: -6 DEF to foes attacked for 1 turn.
  • Wyvern Master: Increase Luck / Charm by 4.

Master Classes – Lvl. 30+ Required + Master Seal Required

  • Archbishop: N/A
  • Barbossa: N/A
  • Bow Knight: +8 SPD when below 25% HP.
  • Dark Knight: -6 RES to enemies you’ve attacked. Effect lasts 1 turn.
  • Enlightened One: Adjacent allies take -3 damage and deal +3 damage.
  • Emperor: N/A
  • Falcon Knight: +30 AVO when below 25% HP.
  • Great Knight: +8 DEF when below 25% HP.
  • Great Lord: N/A
  • Gremory: +8 MAG when below 25% HP.
  • Holy Knight: +8 RES when below 25% HP.
  • Mortal Savant: +6 RES when attacking.
  • War Master: Guarantees a follow-up attack when below 50% HP.
  • Wyvern Lord: +50 CRIT when below 25% HP.

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