Fire Emblem: Three Houses – How To Unlock The Missable Dancer Class | White Heron Cup Guide

To unlock the Dancer class, a totally missable and unique class in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you’ll need to be prepared for an easy-to-fail, one-of-a-kind event. In Chapter 9, on the third week, you’ll be able to participate in a dance competition called the White Heron Cup. This silly little event is incredibly easy to miss if you’re not paying attention, and on top of that, you’re only notified a few weeks ahead. If you’re not prepared, it’s easy to fail.

And if you fail, you’ll completely lose out on the graceful Dancer class. This unique class immediately unlocks sword-based powers, combining deadly precision with the ability to dodge attack and weave through battles. They’re great for anyone that wants to become even better at sword-fighting. Only one character in your entire game can get this class, so choose wisely.

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How To Unlock The Missable Dancer Class | White Heron Cup Guide

To unlock the Dancer class — a unique, missable class — you need to WIN the White Heron Cup event. The White Heron Cup event unlocks on the first day of the third week, on Chapter 9. To unlock the event participation, you need to Explore the first week and talk to Rhea. She’ll give you a quest to complete in first place.

Only students can participate. After accepting Rhea’s quest, talk to any student before or during the second week of the month. You can select to make them your representative (Yes) or not (No) — you need to select a rep before the third week begins.

To win the Cup, you must have a high Charm stat. To increase your Charm, talk and choose to train your representative. This will begin a Dance Practice session — you’ll instantly earn 5 Charm each time you do this. You can only do this one per week.

Training is important, because you need about 13 Charm stat to win. If you talk to Manuella, she’ll tell you the secret of the White Heron Cup. It’s still possible to win with a lower Charm stat — but the higher the better. To increase Charm even more, try cooking a meal that gives everyone in your class +1 Charm.

On the day of the White Heron Cup, each class representative will dance. Three judges will select their favorites –as long as two judges select your representative, you’ll win.

The Dancer class is a specialized class — when you win the Heron Cup, it is automatically unlocked. You’ll be able to swap to this class when you select to re-class your unit. It’s under the ‘Special’ classes section. Now you can mess around with the rarest class in the game.