Fire Emblem: Three House – Lost Items Guide | Who To Return Lost Items To

If you’ve been exploring the Monastery in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you’ve probably got an inventory full of Lost Items. These are special items that are only good for one thing — returning to their owners for a quick support boost.

Returning items to your friends, to the other professors, and to any of the students is an easy way to instantly improve your relationships. The trick is, it isn’t always obvious who gets each item.

That’s why I’ve put together a list, showcasing every single Lost Item, and who wants them. If you check the item description, there’s a short list of clues that might point you in the right direction. If you haven’t been talking to every single character in the Monastery, which there are a lot, that makes things a lot tougher to solve. So just scroll down to see what every character wants.

To quickly locate characters, just check your map — you’ll see their portraits appear when selecting different areas of the monastery.

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Lost Items Guide | Who To Return Lost Items To

Lost Items are special items you’ll find around the Monastery. They appear in blue glows of light, and will stay in whatever location they appear in forever. You can’t miss them. Just explore the Monastery once a month and you’ll find them all.

Lost Items can be returned to characters up until a major plot pivot in the story. At that point, competing houses will disappear, and you’ll be unable to recruit / give items to students in the other houses.

Neutral Monastery Characters – Lost Items

  • Alois: Introduction To Magic, Mysterious Notebook, Foreign Gold Coin
  • Catherine: Weathered Cloak, Badge of Graduation, Letter to Rhea
  • Cyril: Portrait of Rhea, Well Used Hatchet, Old Cleaning Cloth
  • Flayn: Dusty Book of Fables, Antique Clasp, Old Map of Enbarr
  • Gilbert: Noseless Puppet, Silver Necklace, Carving Hammer
  • Hanneman: Sketch of Sigil, Hammer and Chisel, Lens Cloth
  • Jeralt: Wooden Flask
  • Manuela: Light Purple Veil, Wellness Herbs, Clean Dusting Cloth
  • Seteth: Snapped Writing Quill, Unfinished Fable, Old Fishing Rod
  • Shamir: Animal Bone Dice, Bundle of Dry Hemp, Centipede Picture

Black Eagle House – Lost Items

  • Bernadetta: Hedgehog Case, Needle and Thread, Still Life Picture
  • Caspar: Grounding Charm, Tattered Overcoat, Thunderbrand Replica
  • Dorothea: Lovely Comb, Silver Brooch, Songstress Poster
  • Edelgard: White Glove
  • Ferdinand: Maintenance Oil, Bag of Tea Leaves, Agricultural Survey
  • Hubert: Noxious Handkerchief
  • Linhardt: Animal Bait, Feather Pillow, The Saints Revealed
  • Petra: Annotated Dictionary, Exotic Flower, Small Tanned Hide

Blue Lion House – Lost Items

  • Annette: Unfinished Score, Wax Diptych, School of Sorcery Book
  • Ashe: Moon Knight’s Tale, Bundle of Herbs, Evil Repelling Amulet
  • Dedue: Iron Cooking Pot, Gardening Sheers
  • Dimitri: Training Logbook, Black Leather Gloves
  • Felix: Toothed Dagger, Sword Belt Fragment, Black Iron Spur
  • Ingrid: Pegasus Horseshoes, Curry Comb, Jousting Almanac
  • Mercedes: How To Bake Sweets, Fruit Preserves, Book of Ghost Stories
  • Sylvain: The History of Sreng, Unused Lipstick, Crumpled Love Letter

Golden Deer House – Lost Items

  • Claude: N/A
  • Hilda: Handmade Hair Clip, Used Bottle of Perfume, Spotless Bandage
  • Ignatz: Letter to the Goddess, Art Book, Blue Stone
  • Leonie: Hand Drawn Map, Crude Arrowheads
  • Lorenz: Silk Handkerchief, Artificial Flower, A Treatise on Etiquette
  • Lysithea: New Bottle of Perfume, Encyclopedia of Sweets, Princess Doll
  • Marianne: Bag of Seeds, Confessional Letter, How To Be Tidy
  • Raphael: Wooden Button, Burlap Sack of Rocks, Big Spoon