Fire Emblem: Three Houses – How To Earn Cash & Increase Professor Level With Fishing

Fishing is a completely new activity in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and it’s also one of the few activities that doesn’t require time. Everything else, from teaching, to learning, to spending time with your students take a bunch of time out of your limited day. Fishing doesn’t require any time at all, and you can use it to earn big stacks of easy cash, or increase your professor level by a huge amount.

There are some tricks you should know before starting your fishing journey. When I first started, there were plenty of wrinkles to this minigame I straight-up didn’t understand. The game really doesn’t explain everything you need to know to get the most out of fishing. Below, you’ll find all the fishing tips and tricks we’ve got — including how to catch rare fish, how to purchase more bait, and when you’ll want to fish. There are certain times every month when the fishing is better than usual. Don’t miss out on all that free cash.

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Everything You Need To Know About Fishing

Fishing is a mini-game activity available on weekends when you choose to ‘Explore‘ the Monastery grounds. Fishing is on the dock, next to the Greenhouse. Talk to the man at the small structure to begin fishing — all you need is bait.

At first, bait can be found in blue glowing spots around the monastery environment. Later, you’ll be able to purchase bait. The higher quality bait (measured from 1 Star to 5 Stars), the more likely you are to find high quality fish.

To fish, press [A] when a fish icon appears in the water. There are three types of fish — blue, red, and yellow. You have three chances to catch a fish with each bait. Each one is random, so you’ll have to decide when to attempt to catch a fish. Is red good enough? Or would you rather risk going for a yellow?

The mini-game itself is simple. Press [A] when the closing circle lines up. A miss will lower your fishing rod meter. The goal is to deplete the fish’s meter to catch it.

It’s just a rhythm game, and I don’t believe there is any difference between a ‘Good’ catch and a ‘Perfect‘ catch — except that you’ll earn more Professor XP.

That’s the basics, now let’s get into the tips you need to know.

Fishing doesn’t cost event blocks / time. You just need lots of bait. You can sell valuable fish for cash, and you’ll earn Professor XP for every fish you catch.

There are three fish rarities. Blue (Common), Red (Uncommon), and Yellow (Rare). Each bait has three chances to catch a fish. Don’t just catch the first fish you see!

Complete the ‘Bandits At The Border’ quest. This is a very early quest, and completing it as an optional battle will unlock two vendors in the Marketplace. These vendors sell gifts, seeds, and bait. Once they’re unlocked, you’ll be able to purchase stronger bait, and fish as much as you want — as long as you have money.

Only fish when a fishing symbol appears on your calendar. That means there’s a higher chance of finding large / rare fish. You’ll be able to catch high-quality, rare fish even if you only have 3 Star bait. Save your bait for these days and check your calendar.

Rare Fish, like the Platinum Fish, can earn you 1000 Gold and 40 Professor XP. You’ll need to get a ‘Perfect’ catch to earn more XP, but the gold is the same every time.