Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Use This Method To Easily Increase Skills To S+ | Grinding Guide

Broken Weapons aren’t as useless as they appear. Why? Because you can use broken stuff to grind Skill levels endlessly in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Even if you’re playing on Hard Mode and don’t have access to endlessly replayable battles, you can still use this basic method to squeeze extra skill points of any battle. It’s all about making yourself (and your enemies) as tough as possible, then doing as little damage as possible.

This method hinges on one of the new features included in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Instead of combining forces on the battlefield like previous games, you can assign Supporters to your combat units. These Supporters aid and earn XP as if they were in combat themselves, but they won’t be in any danger. By combining high defense units like Armored Knights or Fortress Knights with Supporters you want to farm, you can earn endless skill XP.

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Use This Method To Easily Increase Skills To S+ | Grinding Guide

To grind skills on any level — Normal or Hard — you’ll want to take advantage of Rusty Weapons or Broken Weapons. It’s all about getting the most out of your missions and increasing your skills far beyond what they might normally be.

This can be done on any mission. On Normal, you’ll want to play a mission that can be repeated endlessly. On Hard, you can do this on any mission to farm Skills — preferably with forest tiles, or ruins with high defense.

This is best done once you’re able to assign Supporters. Supporters can earn XP even if they’re not in the battle.

  • Start a mission with 1-4 units with High Defense. The fewer units you bring, the more Skill XP you’ll earn.
    • Equip these units with Broken or Rusty weapons. On Hard, just bring Broken / Rusty weapons with you on missions.
  • Assign Supporters to the combat units. The Supporters are the characters you want to actually earn the Skill XP.
    • Make sure to equip the proper items for the skill you want to boost. Swords for Sword Skills, Spells for Magic Skills, etc.
  • Move to Forest Tiles and draw enemies into adjacent Forest Tiles so you both gain the defense boost.

That’s the basic gist. You want to assign rusty or broken weapons to high defense units, then assign the units you want to boost as Supporters. Then, lure enemies into forests or high defense tiles to exchange weak attacks. You’ll also want to bring healing items or a healer to keep your warriors alive.

You can keep attacking people and attacking back for 100 turns. You can earn an easy 3200 skill points per battle — and boosting skills is incredibly useful. That’s how you unlock more classes!

Give this method a try if you’re looking to give more classes a try, or if you’re looking to experiment with your regiment. It’s nice to have an easy method.