Fire Emblem: Three Houses – The Best Gifts To Give To All Your Students | Support Guide

Romance is in the air, but only if you’re willing to spend a whole lot of time with your friends in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

The Support System returns, and one of the best ways to increase your support with your students, professors, and allies is to give gifts. Everyone likes different gifts, and depending on which gifts you give out, you’ll get a small boost, or a big boost. Thankfully, it doesn’t matter what gifts you give. Most characters will happily take anything you give them. There’s no such thing as a negative gift.

Giving the wrong gifts costs money, and takes away your motivation efficiency. When a character gets a gift they like, they’ll earn twice as much motivation. Essentially, you’re doubling the effectiveness of gifts, and sometimes it’s tricky to tell what a fellow student or teacher truly likes. If you’re lost, confused, and want to start giving the perfect gifts to your teammates, just check the complete guide below.

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The Best Gifts To Give To All Your Students | Support Guide

Gifts are special items you can give students to boost your relationship status, or to give motivation. Giving gifts doesn’t require time, so you can give out as many gifts as you want during ‘Exploration’ weekends. Gifts can only be given to students personally while exploring.

NOTE: A normal gift will give 50 Motivation. A great gift will give 100 Motivation.

You can choose to give gifts, give lost items, or visit the character for tea time. Tea time costs 1 block of time, and you’ll only get a chance to give gifts if you successfully select the right amount of answers when making conversation.

To unlock gifts for purchase, complete the quest to defeat the bandits in the early chapters. You can also plant seeds and give flowers as a gift.

Neutral Monastery Characters – Lost Items

  • Alois: Fishing Float, Ancient Coin, Floral Adornment, Sunflower
  • Catherine: Legends of Chivlery, Whetstone
  • Cyril: Watering Can, Smoked Meat
  • Flayn: Forget-me-nots
  • Gilbert: Goddess Statuette, Ceremonial Sword
  • Hanneman: Dapper Handkerchief
  • Manuela: Goddess Statuette
  • Seteth: Fishing Float, Dapper Handkerchief
  • Shamir: Sunflower, Coffee Beans
  • Rhea: Goddess Statuette, Ancient Coin, Landscape Painting

Black Eagle House – Lost Items

  • Bernadetta: Pitcher Plant, Landscape Painting, Dapper Handkercheif, Armored Bear Stuffy, Watering Can
  • Caspar: Whetstone, Smoked Beef
  • Dorothea: Stylish Hair Clip
  • Edelgard: Monarch Studies Book, Armored Bear Stuffy
  • Ferdinand: Tea Leaves, Riding Boots
  • Hubert: Coffee Beans, Board Game
  • Linhardt: Tasty Baked Treat, Fishing Float
  • Petra: Hunting Dagger, Smoked Meat

Blue Lion House – Lost Items

  • Annette: Stylish Hair Clip
  • Ashe: Violet, Exotic Spices, Legends of Chivalry
  • Dedue: Watering Can
  • Dimitri: Training Weight, Whetstone
  • Felix: Hunting Dagger, Ceremonial Sword
  • Ingrid: Riding Boots, Legends of Chivalry
  • Mercedes: Armored Bear Stuffy, Goddess Statuette
  • Sylvain: Board Game, Dapper Handkerchief

Golden Deer House – Lost Items

  • Claude: Riding Boots
  • Hilda: Armored Bear Stuffy, Anemone
  • Ignatz: Goddess Statuette, Forget-me-nots, Ancient Coin, Landscape Painting
  • Leonie: Training Weight, Fishing Float
  • Lorenz: Floral Adornment, Rose
  • Lysithea: Tasty Baked Treat, Armored Bear Stuffy, Lily
  • Marianne: Floral Adornment, Armored Bear Stuffy
  • Raphael: Tasty Baked Treat, Smoked Meat