Fire Emblem: Three Houses – See What Makes Every Character Unique | All Personal Abilities Guide

Every character in Fire Emblem: Three Houses has a Personal Ability that is totally unique to that character. Many of them, you might not even realize you have — and they’re all very useful to keep in mind when fighting foes or slaying giant beasts. Some of these abilities can actually be made useless — some characters are stronger when deployed without Battalions for example.

All the characters have a Personal Ability, and that ability carries over no matter what happens. It’s a permanent ability, and some of them are incredibly powerful if you use them the right way. Even the Neutral Teachers have Personal Abilities, so it’s best to recruit them early or you might lose them forever.

Four characters actually get upgraded Personal Abilities. The Avatar, Byleth, and the three faction leaders all get upgraded Personal Abilities in Part 2. All other characters retain their normal Personal Abilities, and don’t change between the two parts of the story.

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See What Makes Every Character Unique | All Personal Abilities Guide

Every character has an innate ability that gives them a permanent buff. Each ability is unique to that character, and they only have one.

The Avatar

  • Byleth: +20 XP gained for Byleth and adjacent allies.
    • Upgraded: +2 Damage Dealt buff to adjacent allies.

Neutral Monastery Characters

  • Alois: +8 LCK to allies with the Rally command.
  • Catherine: -5 Damage Received when deployed without a Battalion.
  • Cyril: +20% chance that each individual stat will increase on level up.
  • Flayn: -3 Damage Received to adjacent allies.
  • Gilbert: -2 Damage Received when deployed with a Battalion.
  • Hanneman: +4 MAG to allies with the Rally command.
  • Jeralt: -6 STR / DEF to foe for 1 turn if that foe damages Jeralt in combat.
  • Manuela: +10 CRIT AVO to adjacent allies in combat.
  • Seteth: +3 Damage to adjacent female allies.
  • Shamir: +4 STR / SPD / DEX / MAG for 1 turn after defeating a foe.

Black Eagle House

  • Bernadetta: +5 Damage when below 100% HP.
  • Caspar: -10 AVO to adjacent foes.
  • Dorothea: +10% HP gained for adjacent allies at the start of each turn.
  • Edelgard: +20% XP Gained.
    • Upgraded: Take no action to gain +4 RES for 1 Turn.
  • Ferdinand: +15 AVO and Hit when at 100% HP.
  • Hubert: +5 Gambit MT
  • Linhardt: Restores 10% HP if no action is taken that turn.
  • Petra: +20 CRIT when foe has less than 50% HP.

Blue Lion House

  • Annette: +4 STR when Rally command is used on this unit.
  • Ashe: Automatically gains the Lockpick ability. Can open any chest.
  • Dedue: +4 DEF for 1 turn if no action is taken.
  • Dimitri: +20% XP Gained
    • Upgraded: +20 AVO when at 100% HP.
  • Felix: +5 Damage when not deployed with a Battalion.
  • Ingrid: +5 Hit and +3 MT when using Gambit.
  • Mercedes: Heals the user the same amount as allies when using Faith magic.
  • Sylvain: -2 Damage Received and +2 Damage to Attacks when adjacent to a female ally.

Golden Deer House

  • Claude: +20% XP Gained
    • Upgraded: Unlocks Pass Ability — Allows unit to walk through enemy units.
  • Hilda: +3 Damage to Male Allies that are adjacent to this unit.
  • Ignatz: +20 to Hit
  • Leonie: -2 Damage Received and +2 Damage to Attacks when adjacent to a male ally.
  • Lorenz: When deployed with a Battalion, +2 to Damage.
  • Lysithea: x2 XP earned from combat.
  • Marianne: +20% HP restored at the start of a turn when near an ally that flies or is on horseback.
  • Raphael: Has a chance to restore HP, based on Luck stat.

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