Wolfenstein: Youngblood – All Collectibles Locations Guide | Brother 2 – Transportation Hub

The second raid lair of Wolfenstein: Youngblood is a massive underground transportation complex — and trying to navigate it is a total nightmare. If you’re hungry to hunt down every single collectible in this area, here’s where you need to go, and what you need to look out for. It’s never as easy as it seems, and trying to explore while Nazis are hunting you down is a pretty tricky proposition.

To reach the second area, you’ll need to navigate a lengthy underground road. The area itself is huge, and the Transportation Hub begins as a network of complex tunnels, until you finally have to climb up the exterior of a massive tower. It’s not just a giant building, it’s also a zeppelin landing platform! If you’re lost, confused, or both, we’ve got all the collectibles listed in text and video form for you to peruse.

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All Collectibles Locations Guide | Brother 2 – Transportation Hub

[Work-in-Progress: More collectibles will be added as they’re discovered in this area. Not all collectibles can be found on your first visit.]

There are six types of collections in Wolfenstein: Youngblood — Readables, UVK taps, Audio Tapes, 3-D Glasses, Floppies, and Concept Chests.

How To Use Floppies & Unlock Concept Chests: Use Floppies on computers to discover hidden codes and location clues for Concept Chests in each are

REQUIREMENTS: MISSION CALLED “ZITADELLE SCHEMATICS” and one of the gestapo chests requires — the dieselkraft, the charging tackle power AND the godkey, which you only get right before the last boss.

Floppy #1: After taking the elevator up from the Entrance Hall, you’ll enter the upper floor lobby. Get the floppy disc from the reception desk — it’s required to progress.

3-D Glasses #1: Look under the sign ‘GEPACK 1″ and find these glasses on a shelf.

Readable #1: Right at the front of the same reception desk you’ll see as you exit the first elevator.

Tape #1: On a small table in the back-right corner of the lobby area. It’s to the right of the yellow keypad you must use to exit the room.

UVK Cover #1: In the first red control room you enter. Climb up to the upper level to find it along the computers.

3-D Glasses #2: At the second docking station / control room where you have to pull the switches to open the front gate, find the glasses underneath the control panel on the right side.

Floppy #2: Found on a workbench in the first robot depot room. Requires mission “Zitadelle Schematics” to be able to collect.

Floppy #3: In the second robot depot room, look on a rolling tray with a red-screened computer on it. The floppy is there. Requires mission “Zitadelle Schematics” to be able to collect.

Floppy #4: In the second robot depot room, look in the area where you got the dieselkraftwerk. The floppy is on a table nearby. The mission “Zitadelle Schematics” is again required to get this floppy.

3-D Glasses #3: Look for the booth near the main gate into BROTHER 2. You’ll need the elektrokraftwerk to open the door; the 3-d glasses are on the surface inside.

Tape #2: At the bottom of the long staircase/ elevator shaft room, find a door that requires the laserkraftwerk to open. The tape is on a box inside that room.

Readable #2: Found on a desk in the second tower from the elevator room. You don’t need to go up or down, it should be on the same level if you’re approaching it from the elevator room.

3-D Glasses #4: Found beside the floppy disk reader in the large central tower in the underground section of BROTHER 2.

3-D Glasses #5: In the first large maintence bay area, look in the RIGHT CORNER of the raised platform, these glasses are well hidden in the space underneath the raised platform.

3-D Glasses #6: In the second large maintence bay area, remain on the catwalk and look to the LEFT SIDE of the area to find a door requiring the dieselkraftwerk to open. These glasses are on a tray inside.

Readable #3: In the same second maintence area, look for a small fenced room. The readable is on the desk.

Tape #3: Look in the small hallway in the second maintence area with a elektrokraftwerk lock. Open it up and find the tape on a shelf in the center of the room.

Readable #4: On the large reception desk in the lobby area.

UVK Cover #2: In a control room on the RIGHT side of the lobby area. Look at a desk in the corner, it’s not hidden.

Tape #4: In the room right before the control room, use the dieselkraft to open the door. The tape is directly to the left of the door.

3-D Glasses #7: In the same room, look at the shelves forward from the door. It’s hard to see, but it’s there.

3-D Glasses #8: In the control room on the right side of the lobby area, look for it on a computer station beside the vent entrance.

Tape #5: In the second lounge area, look on the central terminal to find this tape.

Floppy #5: When exiting the elevator to the rooftop area, look to the left on a computer to find the floppy, which gives you the codes to the gestapo crates in brother 2.

Concept Chest #1: Found outside the third docking station / control room. Climb over the roof to find the red chest on the scaffolding.

Readable #5: On the rooftop, head to the right hangar and enter the room titled “tankanlage”. The readable is on the desk next to the computer.

3-D Glasses #9: Look in the left hangar and enter another room titled “tankanlage”. The glasses are on a desk next to a computer.

Concept Chest #2: Found past the raised walkway connected to the first small tower in the underground area. This is the tower attached to the elevator room. You’ll need dieselkraftwerk to lower the walkway, the wall smash power to get through the vents and the GODKEY to open the blast doors.

Concept Chest #3: On the left side hangar on the rooftop. Jump on TOP of the hangar and make your way to a catwalk on the far side of the hangar. The chest is behind some crates in the far corner.