Wolfenstein: Youngblood – All Collectibles Locations Guide | Brother 3 – R & D Lab

The third raid lair in Wolfenstein: Youngblood takes the Blaskowics sisters to the ruined remains of the Nazi Research & Development Lab. This massive structure is totally rubble when you arrive, and the backstory of this place is told in the VR Game, Wolfenstein: Cyber Pilot. You’ll have to play that game to learn the secrets of what happened there, but here we’ll give you a complete rundown of the locations, and where to find every single collectible. Naturally, there are a lot of them.

To enter the lab, you’ll have to fight through the ruined gates and reach the underground test chambers. Deeper inside, you’ll have to deal with deadly Super Soldiers and giant robots — you’ll also unlock the powerful Elektrokraftwerk gun, that can unlock special locked door with sparking generators nearby. With one blast of the Elektrokraftwerk, you’ll be able to incinerate Nazis and open doors to some of the hidden collectibles listed below.

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All Collectibles Locations Guide | Brother 3 – R & D Lab

[Work-in-Progress: More collectibles will be added as they’re discovered in this area. Not all collectibles can be found on your first visit.]

There are six types of collections in Wolfenstein: Youngblood — Readables, UVK taps, Audio Tapes, 3-D Glasses, Floppies, and Concept Chests.

How To Use Floppies & Unlock Concept Chests: Use Floppies on computers to discover hidden codes and location clues for Concept Chests in each are


Readable #1: Found on a table near the main gate into Brother 3.

UVK Cover #1: On the street outside bruder 3, between the main gate and the metro station, look for a half-shuttered storefront window containing the UVK.

3-D Glasses #1: hidden among some rubble in the flooded area across from the entrance to the destroyed part of brother 3.

Readable #2: In the first section of the destroyed part of Brother 3, look for a small table with radio equipment and blueprints on it.

Readable #3: In the destroyed section of brother 3, look in the crashed train cars for this note.

UVK Cover #2: On top of the destroyed monorail cars in the second destroyed area of brother 3.

Readable #4: In the booth leading to the non-destroyed section of Brother 3 from the second area of brother 3.

Tape #1: Pass through the yellow gate into the lab section and walk directly forward to find this tape on a desk.

UVK Cover #3: Climb to the top of the stairs and find this UVK cover on a monitor on the desk.

3-D Glasses #2: In the main lab section with the different test labs, look at a console at the center of the room and find the glasses in a waste basket underneath.

Readable #5: On the left side of the room between 2 test chambers, look on some boxy machine.. things to find this note.

Tape #2: On the second floor of the lab area, pass through the room with the floppy disk decoder to the next room with light beaming through the windows, you’ll find a cassette on the desk.

3-D Glasses #3: In the same lab as the Elektrokraftwerk, go toward the exit elevator and find a small stock room to the left with a bust. The 3-D Glasses are on the shelves.

3-D Glasses #4: In the lobby area, go up to the second floor and look in the left office on the left-most desk to find glasses.

Readable #6: In the same area with the offices, look in the rightmost office to find this note.

Tape #3: In the theater area of the lobby, look on a seat at the end of the row.. near the front row.

3-D Glasses #5: Jump on the globe and look for a statue with an open hand, holding these glasses. Jump over to the hand to grab the glasses.

3-D Glasses #6: When exiting the elevator to the archives area, go to the left room and find these glasses by the yellow crate against the wall.

Floppy #1: From the elevator to the archives, head up the right staircase and look on the second bench for this floppy.

UVK Cover #4: In the same area, look in the third bench for this UVK beside some silver coins.

Tape #4: Again, in the same area, look further down on the same bench as previous for this tape.

Tape #5: From the elevator, head up the left staircase and find this tape on a bench.

3-D Glasses #7: From the left raised area, go into the room and find these glasses on a chair.

Concept Chest #1: In the archives area, go into the left side-room and find this crate under the stairs.

Concept Chest #2: In the lobby area, this crate is hidden behind the billboard over the main entrance to the lobby.

Concept Chest #3: In the lab area, run down to the bottom of the staircase to find this crate.

Concept Chest #4: In the destroyed section of brother 3, look in the the crashed monorail car closest to the entrance into the lab section, the crate is there.

Floppy #2: Requires mission “Missing Resistance Fighters”. Found by the corpse in the theater which is in the lobby area.

Floppy #3: Requires mission “Missing Resistance Fighters”. In the archives area, find the forklift on the far end and use the elektrokraftwerk to make the fork.. lift. The floppy is by the body beneath.

Floppy #4: Requires mission “Missing Resistance Fighters”. Look in the same room where you find the elektrokraftwerk. The floppy is again, near the corpse.

Floppy #5: Requires mission “Missing Resistance Fighters”. Look in the rafters in the lab area to find another resistance fighter corpse with this floppy.